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Sachin Gupta |Oracle Primavera Solution Architect  Application Integration Specialist

Primavera Data Service (PDS) is a new free offering for P6 and Unifier cloud customer to enable and use. It exposes a set of endpoints that enables extraction of data from application database. It uses data service endpoints to discover which database tables and columns are accessible and then run queries against them. It provides read only access to data. It is available to both new and existing cloud customers.

Primavera Data Service can be used to read data from cloud environment. Data can be extracted in CSV file format or it can be stored in local database. Once the data is extracted, either in CSV file or stored in local database, reports and dashboard can be built on such data. The complete process to read the data using PDS and writing it to local database or CSV file can be automated. It can be run at pre-determined time or ad-hoc basis based on the requirement.

Primavera Data Service uses JavaScript Object Notation. JSON, is an open-standard file format or data interchange format that uses human-readable text to transmit data objects consisting of attribute–value pairs and array data types (or any other serializable value) – Through JSON Applications, PDS makes use of RESTful end points to access the cloud database.

Primavera Data Service provide read only access to the following for P6 EPPM:

  • SELECT privileges on all P6 tables (including PX tables) except ADMIN_CONFIG, BRE_REGISTRY, PREFER, PUBUSER, SETTINGS, and tables that start with DLT, DR$ and MDRT_.
  • For granted tables, synonyms use the same name as the table.
  • Views for PXRPTUSER (ds_p6reportuser config is used to access these views).

Note that this data need to be extracted periodically to keep it current, although it will still not be real time but good for data analysis and generating month end reports using tools like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, etc.

For real time data, P6 web services can be used. P6 web services can read and write data and can be used for integration where as PDS can only be used to read data.


  1. The data service cannot be used to read BLOB or CLOB fields.
  2. Complex SQL queries cannot be written to extract data.
  3. API does not support queries using LIKE and IN conditions.

*Important NOTE: PDS is currently available for customers running P6/Unifier 19.4 or later in GBUCS environments.  PDS is available for OCI running P6/Unifier 19.12.1/20.1 or later.

List of tables available for P6 EPPM with configuration ds_p6adminuser:












































List of views available for P6 EPPM with configuration ds_p6adminuser:


List of views available for P6 EPPM with configuration ds_p6reportuser:

























































































If you are looking for a solution to extract data from cloud database (P6, Unifier or Oracle Primavera Cloud) and build reporting solution, or looking for a demo to extract the data from your cloud environment one time to see how the data looks like, contact us at, or

*Reference: How P6 and Unifier Cloud Customers Can Utilize Primavera Data Service (PDS) to Access their Cloud Database (Doc ID 2552583.1)

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By Terri Maginnis

What is Expected Finish in Primavera P6?

Expected Finish is a date field that is available at the activity level in P6 (activity table only) and P6 Professional (activity table and activity details). This field can be used when updating your schedule in order to indicate when you expect on-going activities to be completed. This can be very useful when you are involved in a project where the team gives you the date they expect to finish the work instead of the amount of time they need to complete the work. As a matter of fact, this is a very common situation on a project. This may be due to the fact that it is more natural for the human brain to come out with a date rather than calculating the time/effort that is necessary to reach that date.

The Main Benefits of Expected Finish
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By Kimberly McDonald Baker

Project Partners is pleased to announce that our OP3 product, which provides bi-directional integration between the Oracle E-Business Suite Projects Applications and Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management applications, is now certified to work on all supported releases of these Oracle applications.

OP3 is the only bi-directional integration product currently warranted to work with all releases of Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management and Oracle E-Business Suite Projects (Oracle Projects) Release 11.5.10.M through Release 12.1.3. OP3 integrates project structures and plans, budgets, actual costs and committed costs. Read the rest of this entry »

By Robert D. Anderson, CPA

During the last two years, Project Partners has been approached by several firms who run Oracle Order Management and now want to implement Oracle E-Business Suite Projects applications to provide a project-level profit and loss view, as well as contract and client profitability across the firm. Generally this request is happening at the same time the firm is undergoing massive growth and management wants it done quickly so they can get a handle on the growth that is happening and make sure it is profitable or identify problem areas quickly so action can be taken to prevent serious impact to the overall business.

The Oracle E-Business Suite Project Management module (PJT) does not create transactions but provides several tools to allow the tracking of financial transactions that are happening in the Project Costing and Project Billing applications. In addition, it offers both direct tracking in the tool and integration with project management tools, such as Microsoft Project Standard Edition and Primavera P6, as well as an open interface to interact with other similar management and scheduling tools in the market. Since the financial, resource and schedule information all resides in Oracle, the ability to leverage Key Performance Indicators and grouping them into Key Performance Areas, progress tracking and status reporting all combine to offer a strong tool to present the exceptions out of large volumes of data so the firm can take appropriate action at an early stage in the work. Read the rest of this entry »