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Document Management Integration 

  • +  Best Practices for Managing Maintenance Documents using Oracle EBS and Microsoft SharePoint
  • For Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (eAM) users, managing maintenance documents is both important and challenging. Maintenance managers, planners and workers use a variety of documents from different sources to maintain complex plant equipment, facilities and infrastructure. To be productive they must be able to quickly and easily find, understand and use all of this information. This webinar explains the best practices for using document attachments and demonstrates a very easy method for managing maintenance documents via seamless integration with Microsoft Sharepoint.

  • +  SharePoint and Oracle E-Business Suite Integration
  • In this On-Demand demonstration you will: 1) Learn about the business requirements our customers had that led us to develop this integation, 2) See the steps required to perform this integration yourself versus the ease of using Project Partners Document Management Integration instead, and 3) See a demonstration of the integration provided by Document Management Integration.