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Project Partners Achieves Oracle PartnerNetwork Cloud Standard Partner Designation

Oracle Cloud Standard Partner

The Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Cloud Program has recognized Project Partners for exemplifying expertise, skills, and investment in Oracle Cloud solutions. As a member of the OPN Cloud Program, our Team has strengthened our innovative portfolio of solutions on the Oracle ERP Cloud, HCM Cloud, and EPM Cloud.

Project Partners commits each day to optimizing business processes and IT investments for global customers using Oracle E-Business Suite and Primavera (P6, Unifier, and Instantis EnterpriseTrack). Now with our new Cloud Standard Designation, our Team delivers completely integrated ERP Cloud solutions on Oracle’s world-class Cloud platform.

Let our Team help Your Team with your Cloud transformation strategy, planning, and implementation optimization today. Contact David Duncan ( now and drive your Oracle investment to greater business value with Project Partners today!

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Oracle ERP Cloud Video Series

Project Budgeting with Oracle ERP Cloud – Oracle Cloud Project Financials 

Managing Project Budgets in Oracle Financials provides insight to:

– Portfolio planned profitability
– Sold bill rates and margin by project role
– Planned resources
– Actual and forecast revenue, cost, and margin performance

Do you get frustrated with not having a central view to the revenue and margin of sold projects?
Do you find your Project Managers and financial reporting teams manually tracking budgets with spreadsheets?

As an integral component for any professional services organization, we will walk through the basic structure of Project Budgeting and how it can be easily used to baseline the financial revenues, cost, and margin associated with a client project. As part of Project Financial Management it serves as the benchmark for Key Performance Indicators such as project margin percentage, financial overruns, and non-billable cost percentage.

Oracle Cloud Project Financials empowers Project Managers, Finance, and Management with visibility and controls to manage contract profitability and project budgeting.

Project Partners’ Oracle ERP Cloud Video Series – highlighting how Oracle Cloud and Project Partners’ Performance Management Platform for Services provides your business with the visibility, controls, and tools to attain greater operational and financial performance.

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Project time entry and reporting in Oracle ERP / HCM Cloud

Do your consultants struggle to know which project, task, and type of time to enter?

Do your Project Managers often state their data is inaccurate and not reliable?

Do your Project Managers, Finance, and Billing teams expend wasted overhead administration adjusting data errors?

This video shows you how these issues can be mitigated.

  1. Simplifies and minimizes guesswork for time entry users
  2. Avoids wasted cycles and reduce overhead to adjust mis-classed time and expense
  3. Ensures reliable project KPI’s – project margin, overruns, non-billable costs

Empowering all key roles within your organization to utilize basic time controls and approvals within projects.

Project Partners’ Oracle ERP Cloud Video Series – highlighting how Oracle Cloud and Project Partners’ Performance Management Platform for Services provides your business with the visibility, controls, and tools to attain greater operational and financial performance.

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Oracle Primavera Instantis EnterpriseTrack is a leading cloud PPM solution used by IT and business process leaders to improve strategy execution and financial performance through more effective work and resource management. Instantis EnterpriseTrack 17.1 is the latest product release and it includes the following key enhancements:

  • Finance report organization
  • Two new reports: Pipeline Report and Last Modified Date Report
  • Last updated date support for reports and data extracts
  • Report capability to export non-wbs activities links
  • API improvements
  • Finance, snapshot and team member search API
  • Ability to search all assignments /activities for a project
  • New project % complete algorithm
  • Updated calculated expressions with integer/float fields
  • Added calculated expression field type to program and activity UDFs
  • Ability to change one-to-many project role settings
  • Classification fields can now be required

Project Partners can work with you to most from your Instantis EnterpriseTrack 17 investment. Take the first step to maximizing the value of your business applications by contacting our team today.

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Primavera Unifier provides a best-in-class cloud-based solution for managing capital projects and facilities of any size in every vertical market. It combines rich cost management and control, document management, schedule and resource management, fund management, and more.

New features found in Unifier 17 include:

  • New toolbar/page layout options in the task log.
    • Enables management of tasks with greater efficiency including opening records, creating custom views, and using filters to manage tasks more efficiently.
  • Use of a wizard capability to create and import configuration packages.
  • Import and manage AutoVue stamps with the addition of a new node.
    • A new node enables import and management of AutoVue stamps and definition of a master list of elements to use on stamps. Prior to this enhancement, only two non-editable AutoVue stamps were available in Unifier.
  • Compare document revisions in Autovue with enhanced Document Review screen.
    • The enhanced Document Review screen enables comparison of document revisions in AutoVue. One or both versions of the document can reside in Unifier, or one can reside in your local repository.
  • New reset functionality in the Creation step of a business process.
    • The existing Reset functionality has been extended to the Creation step of a business process.  Now when business process changes, Values on a Creation step of an auto-created BP record can be reset.
  • Improved copy and paste functionality in business process records.
    • Now copy an attachment that exists in the line item of a source business process record and place it in the upper form of the destination BP record.
  • New vendor business process form fields.
    • New fields on the upper form of the Vendors business process — marked as Master Vendor List — capture language, time zone, and date format information of the contact in each vendor record. The information is carried over to bidder forms, email notifications, and Bidder portal content.

Project Partners can work with you to most from your Unifier 17.1 investment. Take the first step to maximizing the value of your business applications by contacting our team today.

Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) is the most powerful, robust, and easy-to-use solution for globally managing projects, programs, and portfolios in asset-intensive industries.

New features in Primavera P6 EPPM 17.1 include:

  • New HTML-based pages for User Interface Views and Update Existing Users from LDAP.
    • User Interface Views and Update Existing Users from LDAP pages have been updated to HTML5.
  • Enhancements to grouping functionality.
    • Interval-based grouping
    • Final feature grouping
    • Duration and project UDF values roll-up.

Feature additions in Primavera P6 EPPM 16.1 include:

  • Applet Removal – New HTML pages, including Resource Administration and Analysis.
  • Improved functionality in EPS and Activities Standard View.
  • Linkage of P6 and Prime via Prime Sync.

Feature additions in Primavera P6 EPPM 15.1 include:

  • Global search and replace
  • HTML-based basic Activities view
  • Filter on rolling dates
  • Publish baselines immediately
  • Assign yourself to a task in Team Member
  • Filter by projects and WBS in P6 Mobile
  • Crop and annotate images in P6 Mobile
  • 64-bit installation of P6 Professional

Project Partners can work with you to get the most from your P6 EPPM investment. Take the first step to maximizing the value of your business applications by contacting our team today.

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Project Partners Performance Management Platform for Professional Services Organizations is a fixed price, rapid implementation solution for Oracle Cloud that provides proven business processes and embedded analytics to Professional Services Organizations and High Tech firms.

We use this solution to run our own business!

This template based industry solution provides PSO’s and High Tech firms the tools and unified platform required to empower them to improve their maturity, performance and profitability. Because it is a turnkey solution, customers will be up and live in only a few months.

Watch this 4 minute video to learn how Project Partners Performance Management Platform for Professional Services Organizations delivers the following.

  • Reduced administration through seamless, project based operations, financial management, and automated accounting
  • Reduced project overruns and increased utilization through more accurate project planning, costing, budgeting and forecasting
  • Improved cash flow with higher quality data and accurate invoicing
  • Real-time visibility and collaboration across organizations to empower stakeholders

The latest release of Oracle E-Business Suite Projects applications offers many new features that further enhance your current implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite Project Costing, Billing, Planning and Control, and Project Contracts.

New Features

Project Costing

Uncosted Expenditure Batch Releases

  • Supports un-releasing a batch rather than having to fully reverse it.

Transaction Controls Public API

  • New API supports creating and assigning Transaction Controls at a Project and Task level.

Delete or Correct PA Periods

  • New custom program is delivered to support deleting incorrectly defined PA Periods. This process allows the user to review the status of the Projects periods and determine whether the Projects period is eligible for deletion and recreation.

Especially Relevant to:

  • All Industries

Project Billing

Plan, Execute, Monitor and Control Unit Rate Based Projects

  • For SOV (Schedule of Values), invoices can be generated based on the actual work progress completed across the SOV lines.

Especially Relevant to:

  • Engineering and Construction Industry

Project Planning and Control

Budgetary Controls for Financial Plans

  • The Budgetary Control integration available for use budgets in Oracle Project Costing is extended for use with financial plans in Oracle Project Planning and Control. Project managers now have the visibility to limit commitments and actual expenses within the project as approved cost budget, view the actual and commitment funds check results, and monitor the failed transactions in order to take corrective action.

Especially Relevant to:

  • Government Contracting
  • Capital Projects

Plan, Execute, Monitor and Control Unit Rate Based Projects

  • For unit rate based contracts, payments are based on the product of units delivered at a unit price. The Schedule of Values (SOV) quantifies the value of contractual project delivery lines that yield the overall cost, scope, schedule and quality (CSSQ). SOV to measure and manage progress based on the delivery units that drive billing.

Especially Relevant to:

  • Engineering Construction

PPR Refactoring

  • Project performance reporting processes and architecture are enhanced to:
    • Improve the accuracy and performance when summarizing project data used to report project performance, plan analysis views, and project health status.
    • Streamline the compilation and display of project information in project plan and reporting views.
    • Provide a reconciliation report that provides results of completed summary data processing programs.

Especially Relevant to:

  • All Industries

Planning by Cost Breakdown Structure for Intercompany and Interproject Billing

  • Cost breakdown structures can be used for all types of projects, including projects enabled for cross charge, intercompany, and interproject billing.

Especially Relevant to:

  • Engineering & Construction

Project Contracts

Projects Contract Validation Framework

  • Oracle Project Contracts provides a Validation Framework for quality assurance of all Project Contracts by using two new key entities that can be used to easily identify any invalid values in the User Defined Attributes of a contract at contract header and line levels.

Especially Relevant to:

  • Government Contracting
  • Complex Commercial Contracting (Focus on Project Manufacturing)

In this new white paper, available for download at the link below, you’ll learn how Unifier Cloud was implemented for a major corporation to manage costs for a nationwide project portfolio. We developed over 30 business processes to assist the client in managing budgets, commitments, spends and forecasts. The native Cash Flow Manager and custom reports provide real-time project controls information to all stakeholders. The implementation also included integration to the customer’s on-premise Oracle E-Business Suite financial system.

There was an overall lack of visibility to the project status and reporting and contract management processes were not consistently followed.

Oracle Primavera Unifier was selected to meet the following business objectives:

  • Increase visibility to project information
  • Automate reporting
  • Provide transactional efficiency through process improvements and solution automation
  • Provide a single source of truth for project information
  • Implement consistent processes on all projects

Read the white paper to learn how Primavera Unifier met these objectives.

Download the white paper from our Resource Library.

Long considered a thought leader in its space, Atkins North America was selected by Oracle Corporation to present a case study of their use of Oracle applications at OpenWorld 2015. You can download their presentation below.

Atkins North America needed an enterprise resource planning system that could grow with the design, engineering, and project management firm, and that could handle increasing demands for a robust project management system. Usability was just as important as broad and deep functionality.

Atkins now enjoys a comprehensive solution that handles the growth and diversification of its business. Attendees at this session learned how Atkin’s use of Oracle Projects (part of Oracle E-Business Suite) has provided the infrastructure needed to free up its employees to focus on business success.

The solution that Atkins put in place is relevant to most project-driven organizations, not just those in engineering or construction.

Register to download the presentation here.

You can also learn more about Atkins’ use of Oracle Applications in an On-Demand Webinar here.