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Project Partners Resource Library

Instantis EnterpriseTrack Presentations and White Papers 

  • +  Accelerate IT Portfolio Management with Instantis EnterpriseTrack
  • The Accelerate solution named Oracle Accelerate for IT Portfolio Management With Oracle's Instantis EnterpriseTrack™ couples Oracle Instantis EnterpriseTrack with a customer’s ERP Financials to eliminate data and information silos. Both project and financial managers continue to use applications most appropriate for their function. Instantis EnterpriseTrack is the heart of the Accelerate solution and is used for demand management, resource management and project management. Instantis’s strengths are leveraged for resource capacity management, financial forecasting, and project execution via the use of financial templates. The customer’s ERP Financials are the transactional system of record. Together this integrated solution enables a new paradigm in IT Portfolio Management.

  • +  Architecting a Project Portfolio Management Solution with Oracle Instantis EnterpriseTrack
  • Oracle Instantis EnterpriseTrack can provide a cost-effective Project Portfolio Management solution for your company but its implementation can be time consuming and daunting. This presentation will provide an overview of the components used for a complete Instantis PPM solution, show how to architect your company’s solution to get the best return on investment and then take you through a guided tour of using these component to achieve solutions with the current version of Instantis in real world scenarios.

  • +  New Features of Instantis EnterpriseTrack 17.1
  • This document provides an introduction to all of the new features in Instantis EnterpriseTrack Release 17.1, and includes product screenshots.

  • +  Resource Management Maturity Model
  • This 25 page document contains a wealth of information. The Resource Management Maturity Model enables organizations to define and execute effective resource management strategies. It accomplishes this by helping stakeholders better align resource-related information needs with their level of project portfolio management (PPM) process maturity and technology enablement.

  • +  What is New in Instantis EnterpriseTrack 15.2
  • This document provides an introduction to all of the new features in Instantis EnterpriseTrack Release 15.2, and includes product screenshots.

Instantis EnterpriseTrack Webinars 

  • +  Accelerate IT Portfolio Management with Instantis
  • Watch this on-demand webcast from Oracle and Project Partners to discover how the Accelerate for IT Portfolio Management with Oracle's Instantis solution can help you: •Shift from traditional IT service management and delivery to an approach that emphasizes strategic alignment, resource optimization, and the measurement of results •Manage IT costs, gain insight, improve decision-making, and drive growth—all with a packaged solution that meets the growing need to better manage IT costs •Achieve benefits similar to JetBlue, which moved from siloed processes to end-to-end IT resource management •Enjoy fast implementation of 8 to 12 weeks

  • +  The Benefits of Oracle Instantis for E-Business Suite Users
  • You use E-Business Suite Projects to manage the financial performance of your projects. Now it’s time to learn how you can benefit from Oracle Instantis Enterprise Track, in the cloud or on-premises. Whether you are managing IT, new product development, or process improvement projects, Instantis can manage the full project lifecycle across your entire organization. Even better, Project Partners delivers integration between Oracle Instantis and Oracle E-Business Suite to quickly have you live with an enterprise project management solution that manages the finances, planning and delivery of your projects – from Idea to Closeout. View this webinar to learn more about Instantis and see first-hand how you can get started quickly and easily with this new integrated solution.

Primavera Unifier Presentations and White Papers 

  • +  How to Integrate On Premise Project Controls Applications to Oracle Primavera Unifier Cloud
  • This case study, complete with detailed screenshots, shows how companies that use Primavera Unifier in the Cloud and Oracle E-Business Suite on premise can now simply and easily transfer data between the two systems. The solution illustrated in this presentation eliminates barriers that previously existed when integrating cloud applications with on-premise systems, and can be configured to meet the needs of each organization - allowing near real-time exchange of financial information to better manage projects.

  • +  Improve Project Controls with Primavera Unifier
  • Learn about how Unifier Cloud was implemented for a major corporation to manage costs for a nationwide portfolio of development projects. Over 30 business processes were developed to assist the client in managing construction budgets, commitments, spends and forecasts. The native Cash Flow Manager and custom reports provide real-time project controls information to all stakeholders. The implementation also included integration to the customer’s on-premise Oracle E-Business Suite financial system.

  • +  New Features in Primavera Unifier 17
  • This document provides details of all the new features in Primavera Unifier Release 17.1 - 17.6 and includes product screenshots and how-to's.

  • +  New_Features in Primavera Unifier Release 16.1
  • This document provides details of all the new features in Primavera Unifier Release 16 and includes product screenshots and how-to's.

Primavera Unifier Webinars 

  • +  Primavera Unifier for Capital Project Management
  • Primavera Unifier provides solutions for capital project and portfolio management, facilities management, and real estate portfolio management. Learn about Unifier's intuitive user interface with a powerful, yet easy to use Workflow Engine, which can be tailored to your business to increase adoption, minimize training, and deliver rapid time to value. This webinar features a walk-through of 5 out-of-the-box business process flows to show how easy it is to use this software.

Primavera Documents 

  • +  A Standardized Approach to Risk Improves Project Outcomes and Profitability Whitepaper
  • This Whitepaper from Oracle Corporation explains how using a standardized approach to managing project and portfolio execution leads to success.

  • +  Connecting the Dots - Extracting Value From Your Portfolio Data
  • This July 2014 publication from Oracle provides readers with insights on: • Identifying and removing obstacles to the flow of information • Prioritizing the right data – gaining valuable insights from the vast pool of information now available • The move from project management to project leadership • Creating a culture of openness that allows a single version of the truth, visible to all

  • +  Delivering Success in Public Infrastructure Projects
  • Public infrastructure projects require robust and diligent governance in areas such as budget control, transparency, accountability to constituents, and productivity efficiencies. This whitepaper from Oracle describes how Primavera applications make that happen, and provides case studies showing the ROI delivered to customers.

  • +  Earned Value Lite: Making Earned Value Management Work for Every Project
  • When “serious” project management is a critical business requirement, managers need to integrate cost, schedule and technical scope of work across the project, and apply earned value management. Learn how JPL integrated Oracle Projects with COTS software for schedule and cost management to provide a powerful tool for project managers!

  • +  Integrated Project Portfolio Management - How to Put the Oracle Solution Together
  • Oracle offers several Project Portfolio Management solutions, some with overlapping functionality. In this White Paper we present a comparison of and best practice recommendations between two of the Oracle PPM product suites: Oracle E-Business Suite Projects applications (EBS Projects) and Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (P6).

  • +  Optimize Programs and Fulfill Mandate Expectations with Project and Portfolio Governance Whitepaper
  • This paper addresses the challenges and benefits of implementing a strategic governance solution to assist in better portfolio management and, ultimately, improved delivery of high value capabilities and citizen services from all projects and programs.

  • +  P6 Analytics and P6 Reporting Database Planning and Sizing Guide
  • P6 Reporting Database and P6 Analytics are data warehousing products. Implementing them involves databases, servers, and controlling an ETL process. Oracle Primavera provides the code to perform the ETL process. The P6 Analytics module contains a pre-built application including dashboards, reports, and underlying metadata to provide end users with easier access to information. This guide will help ensure your success

  • +  The Changing Face of Enterprise Project Portfolio Management
  • This report from Oracle Corporation discusses two critical issues that have been debated in the project portfolio management community for years. 1)Whether organizations are best served by a central project management office or by a decentralized approach that distributes project management responsibilities among individual business units. 2) The rise of mobility among EPPM professionals and whether senior executives should encourage this trend.

Primavera Presentations 

  • +  Oracle Primavera P6 Provides the Winds of PPM Change at Iberdrola Renewables
  • This case study, delivered at Oracle OpenWorld by Project Partners’ Tamim Kulaly and Iberdrola Renewable’s Lance Miller, discusses the new Project Portfolio Management system for the North American Wind Division of Iberdrola Renewables, a subsidiary of Iberdrola Renovables, the world’s largest wind power company and subsidiary of Spanish energy giant Iberdrola Spain. The presentation explains why Iberdrola selected Primavera as the foundation of their PPM system, challenges, benefits, lessons learned, and future plans.

Primavera Webinars 

  • +  EPPM - Plan and Execute the Right Projects Easily and Affordably
  • Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (Primavera P6 EPPM) is an integrated project portfolio management (PPM) application that includes role-based functionality to match each team member’s needs and responsibilities. It provides executives with a real-time view of their organization’s project performance, equips project participants with the right blend of usability, power and flexibility to effectively execute projects, and enables workers across all levels of an organization to analyze, record and communicate reliable information and make timely decisions. Primavera P6 EPPM can easily scale from a single user on a small project to tens of thousands of users engaged in millions of activities across hundreds of projects. This webinar will introduce attendees to EPPM and provide an overview of the key features and functions to help organizations achieve their business objectives.

  • +  Integrating Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM and Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle® offers the first end-to-end solution for Enterprise Project Portfolio Management: Oracle E-Business Suite Projects Applications excel in project financial management and Oracle Primavera leads in project management, planning & scheduling, and analysis. This webinar will provide an overview of new Primavera 8.2 features, and will include a case study illustrating how firms are using Primavera with Oracle E-Business Suite Projects Applications to support business processes not possible with either system alone.

  • +  Learn About the New Primavera Gateway and How to Use It
  • The Primavera Gateway was recently introduced by Oracle, and it enables clients to integrate their P6 Platform to any ERP or legacy application. Primavera Gateway is JAVA based, and application-agnostic. Its use of graphical mapping between P6 and third party products enables clients to fully integrate their systems and be able to control their Project Financial information and schedules in an integrated manner, rather than in silos.

  • +  Oracle Business Process Management Gives You a Competitive Edge
  • Business processes that deliver operational efficiency, business visibility, excellent customer experience, and agility give your enterprise an edge over your competition. Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g enables process management success with a complete solution for all types of processes by providing a unified process foundation. It helps manage the complete process lifecycle starting from modeling and optimization, to automation, execution and monitoring across organizational divisions, and applications. Learn about how you can leverage Oracle BPM and the Oracle P6 EPPM Web Services to enhance the out-of-the box Primavera product features and functions with customized business process solutions to meet your organization’s business objectives.

  • +  Uncover Valuable Insights and Quickly Take Action With Primavera P6 Analytics
  • Oracle’s Primavera P6 Analytics is a packaged business intelligence solution that provides valuable insights into your Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management performance so you can uncover trends, discover the root cause of issues, and forecast costs, helping you to drive efficiencies and make better decisions about your projects. Oracle’s Primavera P6 Analytics enables you to: - Uncover deep insights into projects as well as complete history and trends over time - Quickly identify potential performance issues - Take effective action to correct problems throughout the project lifecycle - Ultimately make better project portfolio decisions This recording shows how reporting is done in the P6 Analytics user interface, which you can use in your own instance immediately

  • +  Using Oracle Primavera to Manage IT Portfolios
  • Oracle Primavera P6 Analytics and Reporting Database is a great option for complex reporting and business intelligence required for executive management and non-project management professionals. It employs a proprietary Extract, Transform, and Load process. Learn how Oracle Primavera P6 Analytics and Reporting Database provides these benefits: 1) Manage by exception with project and portfolio performance dashboards 2) Uncover root-causes of poorly performing projects, with interactive drill-down 3) Take action with BI drill-through directly into Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management 4) Review resource utilization across all projects 5) Perform portfolio analysis based on any custom or prebuilt objectives 6) View trends from past project history to uncover best practices for improving current projects 7) Reduce compliance costs by providing auditors with snapshots of data at any given time

  • +  Why You Should Upgrade to Primavera P6 Release 8.3
  • You already know that Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (Primavera P6 EPPM) is an integrated project portfolio management application that includes role-based functionality to match each team member’s needs and responsibilities. Did you know that it also provides executives with a real-time view of their organization’s project performance, equips project participants with the right blend of usability, power and flexibility to effectively execute projects, and enables workers across all levels of an organization to analyze record and communicate reliable information and make timely decisions? This webinar will educate existing users of Primavera P6 on the new features of Primavera P6 R8.3 and – more importantly, explain the benefits of upgrading to the latest release.

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