Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations Project Management

Many Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations firms rely upon Project Partners' knowledge of the industry to:

  • Help them select the right tools for the way they run their business
  • Tailor Project Portfolio Management systems to fit their unique operations
  • Quickly train their team on the PPM system as-implemented, using role-based processes
  • Help them leverage their systems for rapid Return on Investment

Integrating Oracle Primavera and Oracle E-Business Suite Applications

Our OP3™ product has been used by industry leaders and the United States Government for over 17 years for seamless bi-directional integration between Oracle Primavera and E-Business Suite applications. Learn more.

Project Partners Time Management™ Products

Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations firms have a lot of field workers who hate wasting time on time entry. So we developed two applications that leverage the strengths of Oracle® Time and Labor™ while making time entry fast and easy. Both products provide disconnected access for field workers so they can enter their time conveniently, anytime, from anywhere. And like all Project Partners products, they enforce Oracle security and business rule validation.

mProjects Time Management™ enables time entry from a smartphone or tablet, with complete integration to Oracle® Time and Labor. Learn more about mProjects.

Project Partners Construction Contract Billing™

Project Partners Construction Contract Billing™ augments Oracle Project Billing to deliver an automated progress billing solution for the Engineering & Construction Industry.
Project Partners Construction Contract Billing™ provides Project Managers with a role-based Microsoft Excel® workbench, which leverages Oracle Projects and Oracle Receivables to:

  • Easily and rapidly create new projects, enter change orders, collect progress, and bill clients
  • Provide data relevant only to the progress billing function
  • Perform multiple tasks in one Excel worksheet
  • Minimize training time and costs
  • Produce invoices in formats compliant with American Institute of Architects' (AIA) G702 and G703 standards
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Project Partners User Interface Applications™

Project Partners User Interface Applications provide a flexible front end to Oracle Applications, speeding many processes by 65%. Read this case study to learn about our UI applications in use at a leading Architecture, Engineering and Construction firm.

Expert Applications Selection and Implementation Services

Utilize our expert services for rapid, error-free selection, implementation, upgrade and extension of your Project Portfolio Management systems. Learn more about our expert services.

Industry-Specific Extensions

We can quickly tailor your Project Portfolio Management system to fit your business processes with the following easy-to-install extensions to the core functionality:

  • Billing Extension for Fixed Fee plus Reimbursables
  • Labor Billing Extension for Project/Task Level Bill Rates
  • Billing at Percent Complete Milestones
  • Labor Costing using Actual Labor Rates
  • Labor Costing using Average Actual Labor Rate per Job
  • Bill when Paid
  • Labor Billing Extension for Activity Code Override Rates

Learn more about these extensions.

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