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The Importance to Your Future of a Well-Conducted E-Business Suite Assessment

Businesses of various shapes and sizes across the globe continue to invest in and expand the footprint of their ERP applications. Much of this increased spend includes mission critical projects such as

1) Upgrades

2) Deploying new applications and

3) Migrating new businesses, acquired companies, countries and/or re-engineered processes into an existing “corporate” ERP.

So how do these companies begin the process? What are the key considerations in play to complete these daunting tasks within an Oracle ERP environment?

Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Releases 11i and R12, and Oracle Fusion Applications – the significant majority of existing Oracle ERP customers use these 3 applications suites.

First the 11i customer. These customers are most likely represented in one (or more) of the following scenarios

1)     Will stay on Release 11i as long as they can because they see no ROI or strong business case to move to R12.

2)     The value of an R12 migration project is recognized, but not currently in the budget

3)     Users know the current applications (with known shortcomings) and will not accept or have time to participate in an upgrade project of this magnitude.

The R12 customer can most likely by categorized as

1)     Adopted R12 very early, completed one or more minor point release upgrades and are stable,

2)     Recently migrated to R12 and have stabilized their environment,

3)     R12 migration is underway.

And finally the Fusion customer can be depicted as

1)     Considering a net new Oracle implementation in the next 1-3 years

2)     Will sign up as an early adopter with a strong commitment and participation with Oracle

3)     Currently planning a very large global implementation project.

Wherever you find your organization described above, your project can be off to a great beginning by performing an Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Assessment.  Project Partners has delivered multiple assessments across our customer base to provide the focus, the strategic direction, roadmap and the assistance in business case development for your Oracle project. Project Partners has a proven and  repeatable approach which provides specific and relevant recommendations based on our key findings during the assessment scope of work. The work products of our assessment will provide customers with actionable and robust recommendations across multiple Oracle Applications suites, including Financials, Manufacturing and Projects, along with the inherent integration in other areas such as Human Capital Management and Time & Labor.

Organizations successfully working in Oracle EBS and other ERP environments have come to view a well-executed assessment as a critical first step in ERP project lifecycles.  The most competitive firms leverage the expansion of ERP into Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Human Capital Management, and Project Portfolio Management, and integration with Social Media and mobile technology.

This underscores the importance of conducting an Oracle EBS Assessment, which will show you how to get there.  Extending your Oracle EBS environment into these areas is the next wave for your Oracle ERP and neatly falls in line and in scope of a properly executed Assessment.

Let Project Partners be part of your Oracle EBS Assessment and we can begin to write your ERP Roadmap and Success Story together.  Contact us to positively impact your future.

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