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By Jay West, BS/MS AE, MBA 
President, EAM Master

For Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (eAM) customers, managing maintenance documents is both important and challenging.  Project Partners offers an exciting new product that streamlines the use of Oracle eAM and Microsoft SharePoint, and makes managing maintenance documents easy. 

In today’s industrial environment, information drives the efficiency and effectiveness of the maintenance organization.  Maintenance managers, planners and workers use a variety of documents from different sources to maintain complex plant equipment, facilities and infrastructure.   To be productive they must be able to quickly and easily find, understand and use all of this information.

Much of the information used by the maintenance organization resides in a variety of hardcopy and electronic documents such as drawings, vendor manuals, safety procedures, inspection sheets, repair instructions, etc.  Hardcopy documents can obviously be difficult to find, share and use, particularly if they are needed in multiple locations or job sites.  Electronic documents can also be challenging to manage.  If they are not in a centralized document management system, they often reside on multiple PCs or network locations with little security and version control.  If a document management system like SharePoint is in place, there are still challenges with keeping documents organized, easy to find and linked to the proper data items and transactions in Oracle eAM.

Oracle eAM offers two options for linking documents to entities like Assets, Activities (job plans) and Work Orders.   One option is to use a “File” type attachment to load the document into the Oracle database.  The challenge with this option is that it creates additional copies of documents; there is no version control and the large number of embedded documents tends to bloat the database.  The other option is to use a “URL” type attachment which serves a link to the file in a document management system like SharePoint.  The challenge with this option is that it requires that users first carefully file documents correctly in SharePoint and then make certain that proper links are established.  This option thus requires that users have good knowledge of SharePoint and follow good procedures.   It is also laborious and prone to errors.

The Project Partners Document Management Integration product provides a much more complete and automated solution for managing maintenance documents.  When a document is attached to an Oracle eAM entity, the product automatically creates an appropriately named folder in SharePoint and then files the document properly.  This level of automation makes the whole process of managing maintenance documents easier and more mistake proof.  I recommend that all Oracle eAM customers evaluate this product as a way to streamline and improve management of maintenance documents.

LEARN MORE: Register to attend this webinar: Streamline the use of Oracle eAM and Microsoft SharePoint, and Easily Manage Maintenance Documents.  If you can’t attend the live event, register anyway and we’ll send you a link to the recording after the event.

About the Author:
Jay West is an author and professional speaker within the maintenance professional community and has been an active member of the Oracle eAM Field Advisory Board for 7 years. He holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan and an MBA from the University of Alabama. Mr. West is also the president and founder of EAM Master LLC.