OP3 EBS Provider delivers seamless integration that enables new business flows

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OP3 EBS Provider Fact Sheet

Primavera Gateway Fact Sheet

OP3 E-Business Suite Provider for Primavera Gateway™

Integrates Oracle® Primavera™ P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management and Oracle E-Business Suite™ Projects Applications

Oracle Validated Integration


Project Partners’ OP3 EBS Provider for Primavera Gateway™ delivers integration between Oracle® Primavera™ Enterprise Project Portfolio Management and Oracle E-Business Suite™ Applications. This integration delivers one seamless, cohesive solution, eliminating disparate systems and fractured information, and enabling business flows never before possible. Both project and financial managers can continue to use the application most appropriate for their function, with Project Partners OP3 EBS Provider and Primavera Gateway keeping information synchronized between the two systems.

If you use Oracle E-Business Suite applications, Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM applications, and the new Primavera Gateway, then Project Partners OP3 E-Business Suite Provider for Primavera Gateway is the right fit for you. Continue reading this page to find screenshots and collateral.

Document Management Integration

OP3 E-Business Suite Provider for Primavera Gateway
integrates structures and actuals.
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Benefits of Project Partners OP3 E-Business Suite Provider for Primavera Gateway

  • Delivers seamless business flows across the lifecycle of your projects
  • Tightly integrated system ensures the same information is obtained and leveraged throughout your organization
  • Continuously updated project progress and cost actuals delivers reporting accuracy and enables fast identification of potential performance issues
  • Faster, better and far less expensive than custom-coded integration

Key Features

  • Integrates Primavera project schedules with Oracle Projects workplan enabled structures
  • Synchronizes project dates (scheduled start and finish), status, & classifications
  • Updates task and assignment actuals, estimate-to-complete and estimate-at-complete amounts
  • Updates task & assignment dates, task constraints, relationships, task status, progress status, progress comments, assignment estimate-to-complete units and task level percent complete
  • Delivers a shared resource pool; initiate resource requests from Primavera, identify available resources in Oracle PJR and update financial plans using refined cost rates
  • Leverages Oracle project cost schedules and interfaces them to Primavera. Rates can vary by project; OP3 shows your project’s raw and burdened costs
  • Enforces Oracle business rules and security

Oracle Validated Integration

Through the Oracle PartnerNetwork, partners with validated integrations are able to provide customers with standards-based product integrations, tested and validated by Oracle. Customers benefit from improved risk management and smoother upgrade capability, leading to a lower total cost of ownership and greater overall satisfaction.

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