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Workplan Integration with Microsoft Project for Resourcing

By Ravi Shankar, PgMP, PMP, PMI-RMP and PMI-SP

The Oracle® E-Business Suite Project Management application (PJT) integrates with Microsoft® Project out-of-the-box to provide for bi-directional integration between Oracle E-Business Suite Projects and Microsoft Project (MSP). This provides for downloading the project structure and current working version of the project from Oracle and updating them in MSP to create the detailed workplan structure, together with resource assignments and resource scheduling.

As part of the download process, we download the Planning Resource List defined in PJT that includes the Team Role, Jobs, etc. Typically, the workplan planning and scheduling is done in Microsoft Project at the work breakdown structure (WBS) level for the team role and their requirements are scheduled accordingly. The updated WBS and resource plan is then uploaded back into Oracle Projects through the MSP integration. This process creates the update to the current working version of the workplan and creates the resource assignments. Workplan costs and other details can then be reviewed and the current version can be published and baselined.

The published, baselined workplan can be integrated with Financial Plans and Forecast generation (for costs and revenue) in PJT, and with Oracle E-Business Suite Project Resource Management, through “bottom up” integration. Bottom up integration defines a project level resource requirement from the workplan resourcing created through the MSP upload. This process creates the project team role requirement automatically at the project level. Thereafter, you can use the standard functionalities of Oracle Project Resource Management’s integration with Oracle Time and Labor to track the team role name for Actuals and for effective forecasting of Estimated Total Cost in the Mass Update Progress pages of Workplan.

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