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Your firm made a large investment in Oracle Applications because management knows that using Oracle E-Business Suite Projects will help increase profitability and ensure that project objectives are met. But your project managers and administrators already have full time jobs, and they frequently remind IT and Line of Business Managers that they don’t have extra time to learn new software or hours every day to use project management programs. End-user adoption or acceptance of new software is often the biggest hurdle to bringing in new programs, no matter how great the functionality is.

But the fact remains: your firm needs to meet its business goals and has bought or is considering buying Oracle EBS Applications because of the improved business performance that results from a successful implementation.

So how can YOU help your firm maximize the return on its software investment?

Here’s a great start: You can have your project managers and administrators trained on Oracle EBS Projects in 82% less time and spending 40% less time on a daily basis, using a familiar Microsoft® Excel front-end, ensuring rapid end-user adoption, and putting your company on the fast track to the many benefits provided by Oracle.

View this webinar and see how our User Interface Applications free up your firm’s employees to make more strategic contributions and achieve business objectives.