Cloud Process Scheduler for Oracle ERP Cloud

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Pre-built, configurable Microsoft® Excel workbook to submit, control and monitor all scheduled processes and reports for Oracle ERP Cloud.

Project Partners Cloud Process Scheduler for Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud allows you to utilize Microsoft Excel as a user-friendly interface for running all scheduled processes and reports for ERP Cloud transactions with 1-click. Cloud Process Scheduler leverages both standard Excel features and web services to submit, control, and monitor one or more process or report sets needed to complete all processing in the ERP Cloud.

Efficiently Manage Scheduled Processes and Reports in Oracle Cloud

Project Partners Cloud Process Scheduler is delivered with a prebuilt, configurable Microsoft® Excel workbook and can be deployed out-of-the-box immediately. The workbook can be customized and configured for reuse with predefined process or report sets, fixed and variable parameters, and process dependencies.

Cloud Process Scheduler Workbook View
Improve user productivity by 85%

With Cloud Process Scheduler, all scheduled processes and reports can be submitted with 1-click. The processing is completed automatically, allowing your Team to spend more time on strategic business initiatives.

The Cloud Process Scheduler enables any user to:
  • Define scheduled processes and reports that need to be run periodically.
  • Setup fixed and variable parameters for each process and update variable parameter dates quickly.
  • Setup process dependencies.
  • Start the entire set of processes with 1-click.
  • Monitor the status of each process in the set as it completes.

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