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View our Collaborate 15 Presentations and Download our White Papers

Project Partners, and our customer, Atkins North America, were pleased to present several sessions at Collaborate 15 in Las Vegas earlier this month. Now you can easily access the white papers and even view on-demand web casts of those sessions here.

We presented the following sessions at Collaborate 15. There is no charge to view any of this content, all it requires is a quick registration and approval.

Projects Workflows – Tips and Tricks

Oracle Projects provides numerous workflows which can be modified to meet complex business requirements. These workflows not only support approval routing but can also be used to enforce project controls and implement business processes. The presentation covered some of the key Workflows available in Oracle Projects and showed how they can be used in a creative way to perform strategic functions. This session also explained how to associate custom workflows with user configurable entity statuses. You can register to download the white paper here.

Effectively Managing Maintenance Documents in Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (eAM)

This session was a joint presentation with EAM Masters. For Oracle eAM users, managing maintenance documents is both important and challenging. Maintenance managers, planners and workers use a variety of documents from different sources to maintain complex plant equipment, facilities and infrastructure. To be productive they must be able to quickly and easily find, understand and use all of this information. Oracle eAM offers 2 options to attach documents, and this session explained the strengths and challenges of both options and offered solutions to these challenges. To view a webinar about this topic, click here.

How Atkins North America’s E-Business Suite Implementation Has Grown With the Company

This session was presented by Randy Martin of Atkins North America. Atkins needed an ERP system that could grow with the design, engineering and project management firm, and handle increasing demands for a robust project management system. Usability was as important as broad and deep functionality. Atkins now enjoys a comprehensive solution that handles the growth and diversification of its business. Attendees learned how Atkin’s use of Oracle applications has provided the infrastructure needed to free up their employees’ time to focus on business success. To view a webinar about this topic, click here.

Utilize SubLedger Accounting to Complement Projects Auto-Accounting

This presentation explained how the SubLedger Accounting (SLA) module introduced in R12 of Oracle E-Business Suite can be used to fill some gaps in the E-Business Suite Projects Auto-Accounting model. The presentation walked through a customer case-study showing a business requirement that is not met by Auto-Accounting and showed how SLA was used to provide a working solution. The presentation also discussed additional scenarios where Sub Ledger Accounting can be utilized to supplement Auto-Accounting. You can register to download the white paper here, and view the on-demand webinar here.

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