A Complete Project Portfolio Management Solution that Fits Your Enterprise. Believe It.

You're a project-driven organization and you have many options when it comes to running your business. We've spent our careers analyzing, developing, implementing and integrating the best solutions for project-driven organizations, and we're not too shy to tell you what we believe.

We understand there is no “one size fits all” solution. What works for one organization, perhaps even in your same industry, might not be right for you. At Project Partners, our experts will help you select, implement and use the solution that is the best fit for you.

We believe that the best backbone for project financial management is either Oracle E-Business Suite Projects Applications or Oracle Cloud Project Portfolio Management Applications. We will look at the way your firm operates and help you make the decision and then implement these applications to a tailored fit.

Learn more: Business Applications for Project Based Organizations Overview Video.

For project planning, scheduling, risk analysis and other PPM functionality, we believe in Oracle Primavera Applications. Year after year, Primavera applications are rated as leaders in PPM by software analysts and customers.

We also believe that as a project-intensive organization, your people are more in love with project operations than they are with running project software. That's okay, we've got you covered there, too. Project Partners offers products that supplement the functionality of Oracle Applications to make it easier to use their power flexibly, to fit your operations, and to integrate your third party and legacy systems into one complete project portfolio management system.

Why Select Project Partners as Your Solutions Provider?

We Are the Experts in Solutions for Project-Driven Organizations

Since 1997 we've been known us as the go-to experts for solutions for project-centric organizations. Not only is our management team comprised of executives who have been immersed in Enterprise Project Portfolio Management and Professional Services Automation applications since their inception, we work exclusively in the world of project-driven companies all day, every day. We don't hire consultants with only a few implementations to their credit, because we know that we put Project Partners' expert reputation on the line every time we send a consultant to a client site. You won't find consultants with more experience in project-centric IT systems anywhere else, period.

In addition to being the original developers of the Oracle® E-Business Suite Projects applications, Project Partners offers world class consulting services for Oracle Cloud, Oracle Primavera and Microsoft Project® systems. Our team of Project Management Institute® (PMI) certified consultants will also help you develop and mature the project management practices of your organization, based on your existing culture and the best practices within your industry.

We operate from a unique team approach, leveraging the diverse strengths across the breadth of our consultants' experience, to ensure that no client challenge is unsolved, no consultant is an island. The consultant in Massachusetts can leverage the knowledge of the consultant in Dubai, who can rely on the consultant in Edmonton. This knowledge transfer means that we don't just know whether something can be accomplished using your selected applications, we know which of many alternatives is the best fit to your specific business processes.

Exclusively For Project-Centric Organizations

If you're not a project-driven firm, we aren't right for you. But if you are, you will benefit greatly from the solutions and services we offer.

You have choices. Project Partners will help you make the right ones for your organization.