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The reports of sunsetting Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) have been greatly exaggerated. Recognizing its significance in the project-centric landscape, Project Partners continues to be the longest-standing player in EBS. From implementation to evolution, we empower global clients across their unique ERP landscapes to foster adaptability and dexterity.

Whether your path involves on-premise essentials, extending the native functionality, seamless Cloud migrations, or the intricacies of hybrid models, your business can immerse itself in vital project operations while confidently embracing the future in the ever-changing marketplace.

Oracle E-Business Suite Services

Maximize your investments with a lasting design.

In-depth Assessment

Our experts start with a cross-functional review of processes and technologies to ensure all requirements are met before upgrading your E-Business Suite.


With our extensive experience in complex project environments, our approach minimizes the complexity of your E-Business Suite deployment.

Custom Integrations

Extend your E-Business Suite data to synchronize with other project systems, such as Primavera P6 EPPM, Primavera Unifier, Kahua, and others.

Cloud Migration

Explore the requirements, considerations, and best practices to migrate your JD Edwards environment to the Cloud or Oracle Cloud ERP successfully.


Already implemented E-Business Suite? Our experts will assess your implementation and propose a roadmap to meet your desired outcomes.

Managed Services

After implementation, keep Oracle E-Business Suite Applications optimized for your systems' capacity and ensure ongoing premium support.

ORACLE EBS Products We Support

A 30 Year-History of Project Innovation


Streamline and enhance project management processes. EBS Projects offers a range of tools and functionalities to plan, execute, and monitor projects effectively. Enable users to manage project costs, resources, schedules, and deliverables, all within a unified platform.


EBS Financials automates various financial processes, including accounting, procurement, payables, receivables, assets, and more. Gain control over financial information, improve decision-making, and comply with regulatory requirements.


EBS Manufacturing streamlines and optimizes business manufacturing operations. It offers a range of modules that efficiently manage production processes while enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and maintaining product quality.


EBS Procurement streamlines business procurement processes. It offers modules that enable businesses to improve supplier relationships, enhance procurement efficiency, control costs, and gain better insights into procurement operations.


EBS Human Capital Management (HCM) empowers organizations to manage their human resources and workforce effectively. Its modules optimize productivity, improve employee engagement, and ensure compliance with HR regulations.


EBS Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is a specialized module that optimizes physical asset management. Its functionality ensures reliability, reduces downtime, controls maintenance costs, and adheres to safety and regulatory standards across the lifecycle of assets.

Our Oracle EBS Products

Harness Our Legacy

In Oracle Projects

Project Partners has developed products that extend the native feature functionalities offered by Oracle EBS to meet unique business requirements. Each product delivers a complete solution to support tailorability, team performance optimization, and business process enhancement - providing your teams with real-time data when they need it.

Explore our Oracle E-Business Suite products:


Strategize your migration

to Oracle Cloud ERP/PPM.

Why Migrate to Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP?

Source of Truth

Source of Truth

It offers a cost-effective, data-consistent single source of truth and enables flexible deployment across your enterprise.

Modern Platform

Modern Platform

It offers automatic quarterly updates, a contemporary user interface for the modern user, and real-time reporting.

Built-In Intelligence

Built-In Intelligence

Boost efficiency with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, digital assistants, and prescriptive analytics.

Powerful Tools

Powerful Tools

Automate the most time-consuming business processes by freeing up to 96% of your teams' strategic, manual tasks.

The market leader from project operations to finance.

2034 seems far away, but a decade can pass in the blink of an eye. Proactively assess your current Oracle EBS environment, and ensure you are on the latest release for access to new features and enhanced security while maintaining premier support. Simultaneously, kickstart your preparations for Oracle Cloud ERP/PPM, setting the stage for a smooth transition.

Primary advantages of Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP:
  • Significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • On-prem ERP applications will soon become legacy.
  • High scalability for ease in business evolution.
  • Real-time business insights and easy accessibility.
  • Automatic updates: features, patches, and compliance.
  • Robust security measures to protect sensitive data.
  • Improved team collaboration from anywhere, anytime.
  • Engineered to support complex integrations.

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