Support Your Project Teams

Project Partners' PaaS Extensions for Oracle Cloud ERP offer essential tools tailored to Professional Services Organizations (PSOs) for optimized project management and execution. Project managers must efficiently enable project lifecycles based on different project types and optimize resource deployment.

These extensions provide a robust suite of tools that equip PSOs to focus on their customers by improving team collaboration, gaining complete financial and accounting reports, and achieving higher operational excellence.

Oracle Cloud ERP PaaS Extensions

Enhance The Status Quo of your Projects

Resource Fulfillment

This extension automates resource request generation directly from the project schedule and facilitates the automatic assignment/reassignment of resources to tasks. It also enables effective financial planning with staffed resources. This extension saves time and effort, ensures optimal resource allocation and utilization, and provides valuable insights for budgeting and forecasting.

Work Automation Engine

This extension streamlines and enhances project management processes by automating tasks. It enables PSOs to automate notifications, efficiently manage documents and deliverables, handle issues/changes effortlessly, and facilitate the completion of punch lists. The Work Automation Engine significantly boosts productivity, reduces manual efforts, and improves overall project efficiency.

Variable Bill Rates

This extension enhances project costing/billing capabilities beyond the person, job, and project role-driven methods currently offered in Cloud ERP. With this extension, financial managers can bill based on resource rates at varying intervals, including daily, weekly, and monthly rates. This empowers you to tailor billing processes more precisely, ensuring efficient revenue recognition and optimized resource utilization.


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