Gain Financial Accuracy & Transparency

Project Partners offers a suite of powerful PaaS extensions designed exclusively for Oracle Cloud ERP, catered to Government Contracting organizations. These innovative extensions enhance financial management capabilities, streamline project accounting, and ensure compliance with Government regulations.

By seamlessly integrating with Oracle Cloud ERP, these extensions empower Government contractors to optimize and automate their financial processes, reduce administrative burdens, and achieve greater project success.

Oracle Cloud ERP PaaS Extensions

Automatically Adhere to Government Contracting Regulations

Total Time Accounting

This extension adjusts the cost rate for exempt employees based on total hours worked, standard work schedule, and standard cost rates. Typically, Cost Plus Government contracts bill for all project costs (including pre-negotiated indirect costs). When exempt employees exceed standard scheduled hours, the standard employee cost rate can lead to labor costs that exceed the contract.

Per Diem Expenses

This extension limits charged expenses based on the geographic per diem limits in the GSA Schedule Values, making excess charges non-billable. Some contracts dictate reimbursable expenses per the pubished annual GSA Schedule, limiting personal expense reimbursement by location. When exceeded, compliance limits the billable amounts to the Government.

Salary Caps

This project billing extension limits charged labor costs based on specified salary caps by making excess charges non-billable. With cost-reimbursable contracts (including Federal Grants), the Government dictates a maximum reimbursable salary rate. Project charges by employees with salary rates exceeding this cap need to reduce their charged rate to the capped rate.

Fixed-Fee Billing

This Federal Government extension automatically creates a billing event that separates fees from being billed out with the incurred invoice cost. Cost Plus Fixed Fee contracts specify a fixed fee and cost reimbursement up to an awarded limit. Monthly invoices will list incurred costs and must also include Fees payable as a percentage of actual cost over budgeted cost (reduced by prior fees).

Liquidation Entries

This Federal Government extension focuses on deriving the complex process of liquidation entries for progress billing. Long-term fixed-price contracts cause significant cash flow issues for contractors. However, the Government allows the contractor to invoice a portion of their costs once a milestone is hit (the amount is wholly/partially reduced by the amount previously reimbursed).

Billing Retainage

This extension addresses billing retainage based on specific percentages for different types of costs and re-billing schedules for the retained amounts. Retainage, or retention, refers to withholding a certain percentage of the Government contractor's payment until a predetermined date. This regulation helps guarantee project completion from start to finish.

Progress Billing

This extension will track invoiced costs and generate liquidation entries to reduce milestone billing. Long-term projects result in long durations between milestone achievements, making it financially difficult for the contractor. To ease this burden, The billing app must invoice all/percentage of costs, maintain a balance of invoiced costs, and reduce the milestone amount.


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