On Demand Scheduling During Period Close In Just One Click

Scheduling process sets in, and between, Oracle SaaS and OIC (PaaS) is complex. Project-driven organizations are running not just one, but many processes dependent on the completion of other processes in the correct order. What does this repetition cost you? Your time - running the same processes again and again, constantly making adjustments, and carefully ensuring you submit within the right beta or period close timeframe.

Cloud Process Scheduler (CPS) can be configured and deployed in just 20 minutes, replacing your manual process scheduling, monitoring, and controlling. Eliminate unnecessary clicks, screen toggling, and multiple system administration to bridge operational efficiency with execution.


Efficient & Rapid Processing

Centralized Portal

Operations, Finance, HR, and Sales teams gain access to a simple user interface to monitor all of your Oracle SaaS and OIC (PasS) batch processes.

Set Parameters

Seamlessly organize all processes into sets and pre-define all fixed parameters so that you can reuse them for future period close tasks in Oracle Cloud.

Highlight Variables

Flag variables, such as dates, across SaaS and OIC (PaaS) processes to easily identify and update data before you submit your scheduled processes.

Update Parameters

In a single action, update pre-defined parameters across multiple processes to reduce the amount of manual effort it takes to manage ongoing variables.

Manage Dependencies

Define a process set to contain a mixture of SaaS and OIC (PaaS) processes to fire simultaneously, no matter how complex your requirements are between them.

Single Click Execution

CPS honors the sets and dependencies that are configured across SaaS and OIC (PaaS) processes. Easily kick off all dependent processes in just one click.

Visual Management

To ensure process submission accuracy and timeliness, all successful processes are displayed in green and any process errors are displayed in red.

Download Logs

Reconfirm and quickly resolve any issues in your scheduled process sets, download and review the log out files prior to submission.

Oracle Compliant

Enforces Oracle security and business rules. CPS is currently available on Cloud Marketplace suporting Oracle Cloud Apps.


Minutes Saved Per Period Close


Clicks Reduced Per Process


Dependencies & Parameters Automated


Productivity Increase Per Administrator

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