Your Unique Window Into Oracle Projects

It's time to put the control back in your project managers' hands rather than making them work for it.

User Interface Applications (UI-Apps™) enables non-technical Oracle users via Microsoft Excel. UI-Apps provides a concise and user-friendly interface for EBS Projects. Project managers can effortlessly access all of the rich functionality and information provided by Oracle Project Costing, Project Billing, Project Management, and other tools in one Workbook.

Why UI-Apps?

Streamline Operations

Streamline Operations

Perform unique project functions without navigating excessive screens and forms.

Empower Project Managers

Empower Project Managers

Focus on specific project functions and quickly adapt to client and market shifts.

Increase Overall Visibility

Increase Overall Visibility

View multiple aspects of a project with the most relevant information via a role-based interface.

Drill Down On Success

Drill Down On Success

Quickly analyze and report on specific project-level information across all points of the lifecycle.

Easily retrieve only the data you want to see.

Many project structures need to be updated separately with multi-page navigation in Oracle. UI-Apps Workbooks are templatized for common Oracle Projects functions and configurable to meet your specific needs.

Oracle-integrated & pre-packaged Workbooks:

A Role-based Interface for Project Managers

Visual Reporting

Actionable project-level task and transaction data is delivered in graphical, Gantt charts, and table formats to help measure project success.

Separate Burdening

For lump sum budgets using separate line burdening, automatically add burden amounts by the burden component as you plan for raw costs.

Custom Spread Curves

Make time-phased financial planning for forecasts and budgets easier by instantly spreading amounts across time periods evenly or customly.

Descriptive Flexfields

Once defined in Oracle, easily access DFFs in read/write mode to view and update custom project data in the same worksheet.

Document Management

Upload and access document attachments and transfer them to SharePoint in the same worksheet your project information is maintained.

Work Online Or Offline

Securely download workbooks, save them locally, and work offline to perform time-sensitive tasks like recording progress or updating forecasts.

Designed For End-Users

With a Microsoft Excel-based front end to Oracle EBS, project managers can perform multiple functions in one familiar, easy-to-use workbook.

Audit Ready

Workbooks and individual worksheets can be uploaded into Oracle EBS as an attachment to the project budget for audit purposes.

Validate Automatically

Key project information is automatically validated from Oracle EBS and is stored in hidden sheets. This information is available in-network and on the go.

Built-In Logic

Business logic is leveraged through Oracle public APIs to perform validations, update Oracle schemas, invoke workflows, calculate data, and more.

Enforces Best Practices

Utilize built-in or tailored process flows that enforce Oracle business rules and mirror best practices for any project-centric organization.

Oracle Compliant

Enforces the standard security model for authentication and security, providing a login approach consistent with Oracle Applications in the enterprise.


Increase in Task Productivity


Oracle Screens Reduced Down To One


Time Period Data Sets in One View


Weeks to Implement & Train (Or Less)

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This "Hidden Gems" series takes you through all of the feature functionalities and extensions that UI-Apps has to offer for Project Managers using Oracle EBS Projects.

An integrated, easy-to-use collaborative entry model for task maintenance, budgeting, task level progress collection, and estimate-to-complete forecasting in Oracle EBS.

The ability to perform these project management tasks often comes secondary to a project manager's "day job": physically being in the field managing projects.

With navigating 20+ Oracle screens to create a simple budget or a forecast, users turned to their own budgeting and forecasting systems to complete their project planning.

As Oracle Project Management was being deployed, it became clear that users wanted the ability to work on their project tasks in the field - in disconnected mode.

Your project-centric organization invested in Oracle EBS. With UI-Apps, maximize your investment by getting your project managers up and running in 82% less time across any industry.