25+ Years In Business: The Ultimate Team

Wed 7 Sep 2022 posted by Project Partners


Project Partners is proud to celebrate its 25th year as the experts in technology consulting for project-based organizations worldwide.

Our History

Project Partners was founded in 1997, when Oracle Corporation’s former Chief Architect of Oracle Projects, Randy Egger, had the vision to start his own company to fill the gap in solving highly complex problems for project-centric organizations. During his 12-year tenure at Oracle, Randy developed Oracle Projects within an integrated product line known as E-Business Suite (Oracle EBS).

Today, Oracle EBS is deployed in more than 3,500 organizations globally in support of their CRM, ERP, and SCM operations, including Project Financial Management, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Project Execution, and more. While developing Oracle EBS/Projects, Randy chartered an unmatched knowledge of project-centric organizations, inside and out. Though Randy exceeded expectations in his leadership role at Oracle, he wanted to expand outside his “cookie-cutter” job.  

Randy had the vision to form a company that allowed him to have the freedom to be responsible for everything he put his energy into while also building an organization that would expand beyond the out-of-the-box capabilities that Oracle’s products offer. 

Our Evolution

Watch the video below to hear about Project Partners’ evolutionary growth directly from our team:

The most remarkable memory since the inception of Project Partners was starting the business – working out of my garage, doing billable consulting work during the day, and running the business at night was exhilarating.” – Randy Egger, Founder & CEO

Who We Are

Today, Project Partners is headquartered in Half Moon Bay, California, and has a second location in Hyderabad, India, with employees working globally to support multi-billion-dollar corporations.

The most rewarding part about working at Project Partners is delivering our solutions to our customers and gaining industry recognition for being a go-to partner for dealing with complex issues within project-centric organizations.”  – Bruce Maghan, VP, ERP/Project Solutions

Project Partners offers management solutions consulting for project operational strength. By combining Oracle ERP solutions with best-of-breed Project Execution solutions. Our experts look at how your business operates as a whole to link the right resources to the right data from project conception to completion.  

At Project Partners, we address project management processes and technology in over 20 industries with deep knowledge of regulations and best practices. 

The brains we have at Project Partners; the raw talent we have in-house to solve complex problems… our customers walk away and say, ‘Wow, nobody was able to bring that to light and allow us to see more clearly what our problems or requirements are.’ Our team comes up with unique solutions specific to what the customer was looking for and can replicate that for other customers.” – Randy Egger, Founder & CEO.

Our Customers

Our focus and detail on each customer’s requirement have created a loyal customer base over the past 25 years.

“The foundation of our organization is very strong. Many large system integrators come to us for assistance in delivering solutions, and that is where we step in and help them. We don’t want to just have customers’ names on our logo; we help companies in delivering robust solutions.” – Tamim Kulaly, PMP, VP Project Execution Solutions

Many businesses have also relied on our broad knowledge of systems and processes to remediate failed implementations.

“When we go to a customer who hired a 3rd party to implement Oracle Cloud PPM or Cloud ERP in a project-based business, they tell us that they have all sorts of problems because their project managers are unable to accomplish what they set out to do daily. That’s where Project Partners comes in. When you see the customer’s eyes opening, they understand what you’re talking about, and they understand what could have happened, that’s the biggest reward.” Neeraj Garg, Executive Consultant, Industry Solutions

Our Experience

Many of Project Partners’ senior leaders are legacy Oracle developers, so our team of consultants understands how project management tools are built from the core and how to evolve technical workflows and processes to meet the demands of each of our customers. With organizations looking to the Cloud, keeping up with standards, constant team collaboration, and looking to the future is a cultural compass across the organization. 

“We uphold excellence throughout our team. At Project Partners, we have retooled our expertise in supporting the products we have developed and project implementations. For Cloud products, you must have experience and knowledge of using the set of tools that Oracle provides, whether it’s an ADF or OCI, or OIC. We keep ourselves up to date with the technology and certifications required to keep the partnership with Oracle and others” – Raj Ramalingam, AVP, ERP/Project Technical Solutions

Our People

Along with very loyal customers, Project Partners contributes much of its success to our dedicated, highly industry-educated employees and considers everyone a valuable resource to our team.

“I have had a great time working for Project Partners for the past 24 years. We don’t lose the essence of being human. You’re not just a number; you are a person with Project Partners.”Serge Pellicelli, Principal Consultant

We have a bright future at Project Partners and look forward to continuing to expand our global recognition as expert consultants for project-centric organizations. Contact us to learn more about our service offerings: