Keep Your Technology

Poised For Evolution.

High availibility, optimized performance, minimal administrative overhead.

Project Partners offers managed application services built to enhance your systems' capacity. Project operations applications should support your team, not the other way around. Your on-site and remote resources deserve to depend on the applications they use, so they can think beyond the technology they use every day and better your projects for tomorrow.

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Equip Your Applications For Constant Results

Application Optimization

Enhance your ERP/PPM capabilities. Integrate and configure disparate systems and project events to create a sustainable business operations engine.

Application Optimization

With decades of experience in Oracle ERP/PPM and Project Execution technologies, lean on our teams to optimize and enhance your development stragtegy and applications' effectiveness for valuable results.

Proactive Identification

Receive best-in-class software and business process monitoring for risk management and error reduction across the lifecycle of your projects.

Proactive Identification

Our applications managed services team will help keep your project operations systems agile by identifying potential issues before they occur and quickly solving problems if they arise.

Update Readiness

How are you managing quarterly updates in-house that Oracle Cloud offers for your ERP and Primavera applications?

Update Readiness

Clients have a variable implementaiton schedule. For each Oracle Cloud update our experts will dive in, determining if your systems are prepared and configured to align with your business goals before sending you into production.

Dedicated services

Our Project-Centric

Application Focus

let us take on the work

Agile Application Management

Functional Configurations

Assess and congfigure your applictions to meet upcoming business needs and project demands.


To create a unified approach, integrate your disparate systems based on your desired business workflow.

Extend Your Teams

Supplement your in-house resources and skillsets by utilizing our teams to manage your applications.

Server Support

Oracle Primavera and E-Business Suite server support to secure your project applications and data.

Online Issue Resolution

Easily submit support tickets online and have quick access to your support team 24/7/365.

Stay Focused

Focus on what you do best: executing projects. We'll focus on making sure your systems are up and running.