Primavera Earned Value Management

Earned value management is more important than ever before. Government regulations have resulted in earned value management becoming a buzzword in all major project portfolio management systems. But not every system has the ability to deliver what you really need.

Which is why Project Partners recommends Oracle's Primavera Earned Value Management. It's a proven, comprehensive solution that integrates detailed cost information with program schedules by aligning and combining project performance data from cost systems, adding complex burdening rates, and tracking committed costs.

If earned value management is important to your organization, you need the robust performance and confidence that Primavera Earned Value Management provides.

Primavera Earned Value enables you to:

  • Calculate project costs using the direct and indirect costs per resource
  • Determine if a project is ahead of schedule, behind schedule, over budget, or under budget by analyzing the earned value KPIs.
  • Track the variances between what was budgeted and how the project is being executed

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