Build Smarter With Kahua Construction Project Management Solutions

Project Partners is dedicated to providing project-centric organizations like those in the Construction Industry with the technology and services they need to get projects done on time and on budget. With Kahua, Construction Project Management Software, you can build smarter by improving efficiency, lowering costs, and reducing project risk throughout the capital programs lifecycle.

Project Partners can help you understand if Kahua is right for you.

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What Can Kahua Do For You?

Control Construction Costs

Maximize your capital spend with a budget-centric, collaborative cost management system built for commercial owners.

Streamline Project Communication

Gain visibility so you can detect problems early, track status and report in real time on projects of all sizes and complexities.

Adapt to Change

Project requirements can change on a dime, but Kahua delivers the flexibility you need throughout the entire construction lifecycle.

Improve Project Performance

Leverage historical project data to make better decisions on your projects and continuously improve your capital project delivery.