Primavera Portfolio Management

Every organization faces critical enterprise investment decisions. Making these decisions is among your most pressing challenges. You can't just manage your portfolio of projects well, you have to select, invest in and manage the right projects.

Oracle's Primavera Portfolio Management is the leading portfolio management software solution, providing unmatched flexibility and infrastructure for enterprise portfolio management. With its unique functionality, real-world enterprise scalability, and unlimited configurability, Primavera Portfolio Management is ideal for managing just about any type of portfolio from idea through execution. Powerful security features and a clean user interface make it the perfect solution for collaboration among all stakeholders in the organization.

Primavera Portfolio Management's patented features, scalability, configurability, and flexible user interface have delivered measurable results for governmental agencies and some of the world's largest and most innovative companies.

Highlights of Primavera Portfolio Management include:

  • One click access to historical data and smart trending analysis
  • Simplified management of different types of investments to deliver global enterprise value
  • Faster decision analysis and enhanced collaboration
  • Strengthened Primavera P6 integration connections

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