Services for Cloud Customers

Your Partner to Strategize, Implement and Manage Your Oracle Cloud Solution

As an end-to-end solution and business partner Project Partners offers a set of services to support our clients’ needs from strategy to implementation and support. These services include:

  • Cloud Strategy and Architecture Planning
  • Proof of Concept
  • Accelerate Solutions
  • Implementation
  • Implementation Audit
  • Managed Services
  • Training

Cloud Strategy and Architecture Planning

Business executives have questions about how Oracle Cloud solutions address their business needs. Project Partners’ Cloud Strategy and Architecture Planning service provides the assessment, solution architecture, and implementation planning that will map your path forward to reap the benefits of Oracle Cloud technologies.

In a highly collaborative, short term engagement, our solution architecture, functional, and technical teams work alongside your cross functional team to assess your organization’s business goals, current processes, and existing application architecture. We then match your needs with the best solution options and develop an implementation plan that will enable your desired business results.

Proof of Concept

Complete Enterprise solutions are complex. Project Partners can ensure you know all the core functionality of your targeted ERP system that is relevant to your business - this will maximize your use of standard functionality, reducing costs. We evaluate available alternatives for both your current and future solution scalability, flexibility, and maintainability. Where necessary, we use Oracle’s PaaS offering for integration and other advanced requirements.

Partner with us to prototype critical design issues and map solution gaps to ensure they're properly considered in your evaluation or implementation. With a thorough analysis, we'll help design and document a complete strategy for your optimal project-centric Cloud solution.

Accelerate Solutions

Project Partners offers Oracle-approved Accelerate Solutions that provide a fixed scope bundle of software and services for rapid implementations of complete, easy to own, industry-focused solutions. We offer two Accelerate Solutions.


Making your implementation successful is our top priority. Our Cloud Certified Consultants have the business, application, and technical experience you require to reach your goals. We have over 20 years experience with Oracle technology and we run our own business on Oracle Cloud applications.

We use Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS) to extend Cloud applications and to integrate with existing on premise applications other legacy systems to provide complete enterprise solutions. This allows you to start with some parts of Oracle Cloud Applications today and evolve your Cloud footprint over time.

Upon Go Live, we bolster your internal support team to ensure rapid adoption of the new solution. We also work with your business and IT leaders to assist with organizational change management plans and training.

Implementation Audits

A professional implementation audit allows you to maximize the benefits of your Cloud solutions while minimizing the risks of deployment. Project Partners can help you maximize business value, minimize cost, and identify potential pitfalls in your implementation through the use of detailed methodology, ensuring that you are on the road to success with key check points along the way.

Applications Managed Services

The business value, adoption, and total cost of your Cloud applications are greatly improved when your applications support team has the functional and technical skills to effectively and expeditiously resolve issues and introduce incremental improvements to your solution.

Project Partners offers a flexible approach to Applications Managed Services. You can look to us to supplement your internal staff, or to completely manage your Oracle environment. Select the model that best suits your business requirements today, knowing that we're here to support you when you want to change or expand coverage. Learn how our Applications Managed Services can increase the cost benefit ratio of your solutions today.

Onsite Training

Offering both Technical and Functional training on site, Project Partners will give your employees the knowledge to use standard applications as well as your specific customizations or extensions. We are experienced in providing training for all levels of employee and management teams. We also advocate Train the Trainer models, to support the process of organizational leaders taking ownership for the process and solution while supporting them with the knowledge they require to successfully perform their roles.

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