Project Partners User Interface Applications™

Microsoft® Excel™ Interface to Oracle Applications

Project Partners User Interface Applications enable Oracle E-Business Suite Applications users to utilize Microsoft® Excel as a concise and user-friendly interface to Oracle Projects. Project Partners User Interface Applications (UI-Apps) can improve user productivity by 65% so Project Managers can focus on improving project operations. Additionally, users can connect to Oracle using Excel, download data, and then work offline on the Excel workbook, reconnecting later to Oracle to synchronize the updates made offline with the Oracle database easily and securely.

UI Screen Shot

Use one worksheet instead of multiple forms


Pre-Packaged Workbooks

UI-Apps' pre-defined Oracle-integrated workbooks allow Project Managers to perform the following functions:

  • Create New Projects
  • Build and Manage Project WBS, Schedules and Budgets
  • Manage Clients and Agreements
  • Manage Contract, Capital and Indirect Projects
  • Manage Transaction Controls
  • Capture Project Schedule Progress
  • Update Project Financial Forecasts
  • Report on Projects

Built-In Project Management Process

UI-Apps workbooks utilize built in business process flows that mirror the best practices of most project-centric organizations and are very easy to use. These workbooks can easily be tailored to fit.

Project Flow UI Applications Flow

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Integration Leverages Oracle Applications Technology and Security

Project Partners User Interface is certified with the Oracle E-Business Suite Applications R11.5 and R12 technology stacks. It leverages the business logic in Oracle public APIs to perform validations, update the Oracle schema, invoke workflows, and more. Project Partners User Interface uses the standard Oracle Applications security model for authentication and security, and provides a login approach that is consistent with Oracle Applications in the enterprise.

Work With Oracle Data in Disconnected Mode

Users can connect to Oracle using Excel, download data, and then work offline on the Excel workbook. Later they can re-connect to Oracle and synchronize the updates made in Excel with the Oracle database.

Benefits of Project Partners User Interface Applications

  • Project manager productivity is improved by minimizing screen navigation; up to 20 Oracle screens are replaced with one role-based Excel worksheet
  • Project managers can work in traditional online mode or can work off-line and synch with Oracle when next connected via the internet
  • Quick implementation in four weeks or less means less business disruption
  • Minimal training is required, resulting in immediate user adoption

Key Features

  • A role-based solution oriented to project managers, not a tool oriented to IT users
  • The ability to perform multiple Oracle Project Management functions in one workbook
  • Preformatted worksheets and reports used by Project Managers for many project management functions, not just loading data into Oracle Applications.
  • Automatic validation of key data from Oracle stored in hidden sheets and available for use whether working online or offline
  • Worksheets with built-in business logic, e.g. data calculation and manipulation
  • Extensive configurability for tailoring worksheets to different end-user communities
  • Enforces Oracle business rules and security

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