Time Management for Projects – Do You Want it Fast, Right or Inexpensive?

Wed 11 Apr 2012 posted by Project Partners


Try Us and Find Out How You Can Have It All Right Now!

By Pat Bowyer

On March 28, 2012, we presented an OAUG Sponsored webcast to discuss and demonstrate the timecard entry solutions we’ve developed, our mProjects Time Management™ mobile timecard and our TimeSpeed™ spreadsheet user interface applications, both fully integrated with Oracle Time and Labor and Oracle Projects, and extending the functionality of those applications, that will help take the headache out of project timecard entry.

Sound interesting? You can register to view the recorded webinar here.

View my presentation and see how you can stop wasting time entering time! We all know how frustrating and time-consuming timecard entry can be, and the amount of effort expended to get this routine, but critical task accomplished costs us all big money and significant aggravation.

Project Partners has done the homework for you; come and benefit from the lessons learned:
Does your workforce in the field have to jump through hoops to get their timecards in on time?
What does that cost your organization, not only in dollars, but in added stress/unhappiness for the employees who struggle to connect to the system either from hotel rooms after work or on weekends when they’d rather be enjoying their personal time?

And how about the cost and delays caused by all the error-checking that has to be resolved downstream when group timecards or Timekeeper data is entered late or wrong?
Navigating through multiple mandatory screens and pop-ups slows production significantly in a heads-down data entry process.

We all know the venerable old IT adage: You can have it fast, right, or cheap – pick any two!

The truth is that now you can have it all: fast, correct and inexpensive, anywhere you are, with the practical convenience of a mobile device. Project Partner’s Time Management solution solves your business challenges with applications that can be accessed via your smartphone or laptop, whether in airplane mode or a remote location without cellular reception, as quickly as from your office.

The greatest data precision results when labor costs are entered as quickly as possible from when the labor occurs. Making project time entry easy and more efficient increases timeliness and accuracy, which also improves the reliability of your project performance reporting.

In upcoming blog discussions here, we will examine some case studies and the productivity gains this solution offers.

Whether your organization needs time entry via a smartphone or complex individual/group time entry via a spreadsheet, Project Partners’ easy-to-use and affordable applications take the burden out of timecard entry.

We are confident that our Time Management solutions will work for you; mProjects Time Management™ mobile timecard and our TimeSpeed™ spreadsheet user-interface applications to all qualified organizations.

For further information, please call me at 1.650.712.6200 or email: info@projectp.com.