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Experts in Oracle Projects correct original configurations & implement Oracle Project Manufacturing, eliminating unreliable customizations within the Project suite.


This aerospace & defense provider (a global technology company that sells its products to defense contractors, U.S government and aerospace companies) was live on Oracle Projects 11.5.10, using Project Costing, Project Manufacturing, Financials, and Procurement. They identified the following issues:

  • Project Costing and Project Manufacturing needed to be optimized.
  • Project Billing was not implemented, so revenue recognition and invoicing were manual processes.
  • Labor Costing was not leveraging standard functionality.
  • Existing configurations did not support program and product line reporting or accounting.
  • A custom process was being leveraged to apply inventory transactions to projects.

The company planned to use the Project Suite to manage all projects, but the functionality required to accomplish this was not currently available on 11.5.10. Several customizations related to contingent worker time processing and total time costing needed to be implemented to meet their overall business requirements.


Over an 8-month engagement, Project Partners applied multiple enhancements to this aerospace & defense provider's Project Suite:

  • Corrected Oracle Projects configurations to fully support new business processes and to emend accounting inconsistencies.
  • Addressed program and product line reporting and accounting issues by applying standard configurations.
  • Worked with the company's manufacturing leads to implement Oracle Project Manufacturing and streamline manufacturing processes.
  • Implemented standard burdening functionality to correctly generate and account for overhead cost transactions.
  • Reconfigured AutoAccounting to follow the company's new business rules. It was also configured to integrate with Oracle Project Manufacturing.


  • Gaps in this aerospace & defense provider&s original Oracle Projects implementation were corrected.
  • The Oracle Project Manufacturing solution allowed the company to streamline and eliminate the custom process for applying inventory to projects.
  • Program and product line reporting and accounting were greatly enhanced.
  • Established a solid foundation on which to execute future phases of work.

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