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This aerospace provider was live on 12.2.3 using Oracle Project Costing, Project Management, Project Manufacturing, Financials, and Procurement, and a 3rd party system for HR Data management. They planned on using the Oracle Project Suite to manage all projects. The company identified the following issues that needed to be addressed:

  • Project configurations were incomplete, inconsistent, and inaccurate.
  • Project setup was taking place after full approval and annual budgets rather than driving project approval based upon project budgets.
  • Time tracking was inconsistent and there was no overhead allocation.
  • Inventory locators were not project based.
  • Scrap material costs were not remaining on the project.
  • Accounting inconsistencies within their manufacturing process.


This aerospace provider chose Project Partners to aid them in providing multiple enhancements to Oracle Projects, Oracle Manufacturing, Oracle Project Manufacturing, and Oracle Time and Labor (OTL) over an 8-month engagement:

  • A custom solution was developed to address improper accounting for various manufacturing transactions. OTL was implemented to remediate inconsistencies with time tracking.
  • Oracle Projects configurations were corrected/implemented to fully support the company's business processes and address accounting inconsistencies. The following changes were delivered: burdening functionality, proper accounting for manufacturing transactions, and WBS configured to support operations.
  • Project Partners consultants worked with manufacturing leads to review business processes to make appropriate configuration changes that would eliminate counterproductive business processes.
  • Project Partners conducted a Project Billing Proof of Concept to provide a roadmap for implementing Project Billing to support any future contract project needs.


  • Project Partners corrected this aerospace provider's Oracle Projects implementation gaps that was contributing to their reporting and accounting issues. Thus, eliminating the need for manual analysis in MS Excel and correcting journals in GL.
  • Project Partners manufacturing solutions allowed the company to eliminate counterproductive business practices and streamlined transactional processing.
  • With the implementation of OTL, the company was able to deliver a stable, standard, and consistent time entry system.

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