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Project Partners implements mProjects Time Management™ as a solution extension, streamlines OTL access outside of the local network allowing remote workers the same secure Oracle connection to mobile devices.


Atkins, the worlds 14th largest global engineering and design firm, was not able to record accurate daily time entries due to firewall restrictions, inadequate/shared connection configurations, and limitations for remote user locations. To eliminate cumbersome processes across the organization, they required a solution to enter time regardless of the teams work environment.


Project Partners was selected to integrate their proprietary mProjects solution with Oracle Time and Labor. The solution securely supports the same SSO connection on a workers' mobile device, in any environment off-site, as they would in a secure onsite office location. Project Partners mobile application is DCAA compliant and provides full support of the Change and Late Audit features of OTL.


  • Time entry delays have been significantly reduced
  • Improved cashflow with timely billing
  • 500+ users securely use mProjects on both iPhone and Android devices anywhere, anyplace

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