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Experts in Oracle solutions implement OP3 as a connector between Oracle EBS & P6, streamlining budget & actual data transfer.


CSX, a premier transportation company with more than 230 short line railroads and more than 70 ports, wanted to integrate Oracle Primavera P6 (P6) R8.0 with Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) 11.5.10 Project Costing so that they could transfer data solely from EBS to P6. CSX projects are all funded by federal government. Therefore, nearly all project budget and actual sums up to zero when the government provides payment.


Project Partners was chosen to implement an enhanced version of their OP3 connector to integrate P6 with EBS to meet the client's entire requirement. The Project Partners team filtered out budget and actual at parent EBS tasks and created WBS and activity for each EBS task to ensure accuracy.

To eliminate negative data being recorded in CSXs system during transfer to P6, Project Partners:

  • Transferred assignment for budget, not cost.
  • Transferred cost for actual.


CSX now has the ability to seamlessly:

  • Transfer projects from EBS to P6, creating a WBS and an activity for each task within EBS.
  • Transfer additional information, like budget and actual information, in UDF and codes fields at Project, WBS, Activity, and Assignments to P6.
  • Transfer budget and actual information to P6.

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