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Experts in project-driven organizations set a solid systems Oracle Projects foundation for project management standardization, globally.


Canon Europe, one of the company's three regional headquarters, was only using standard Oracle Projects functionality within a highly evolving internal business application revolution. They needed a starting platform to act as a catalyst for business process change and consolidation, including the incorporation of industry standard project and service methodologies. This would aid in providing a uniform structure for a diverse multi-national workforce.


Project Partners was selected to architect and design a comprehensive strategy based on standard Oracle Projects applications.

  • Phase I included basic project time tracking, project management, and resource management applications. The environment required a design that would also accommodate a multi-national, multi-currency foundation.
  • Phase II will continue with implementing process improvement, mapping systems to update business processes, and establishing project-based revenue and profitability metrics.


  • Canon now has the basic starting point to effectively consolidate and standardize their PSO operations methodology
  • Oracle Projects is now the unifying project management tool and the base for current and future reporting metrics

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