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Experts in process improvement implement User Interface Applications™ (UI-Apps), provides savings of approximately $4.8 million annually in project management workflow efficiencies.


HDR's project managers were struggling to manage project plans, budgets, and forecasts in Oracle Projects. Using Microsoft Excel worksheets outside of the system to execute these functions, management had limited visibility into project status and financials, and potential issues, changes, and risks. Month-end revenue recognition was also a big challenge. Controllers and area managers were attempting to pull together information from different sources, including Oracle, Excel, and custom legacy applications.


HDR selected Project Partners to design a complete end-to-end project management solution using Oracle Project Costing, Billing, Project Planning, and Control. Project Partners' UI-Apps solution was also implemented to consolidate Oracle E-Business Suite user efforts in creating, updating, and reporting on project information.


  • Project managers are now able to manage the entire project lifecycle in one place
  • Savings of over $400,000/month due to efficiencies achieved in the revenue recognition processes
  • UI-Apps in conjunction action with Pronto created a simple user interface to Oracle Projects

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