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Experts in process improvement establish a standardized proposal approval process, improves project tracking with information project managers can rely on.


Herbalife Nutrition, a global company that offers high-quality products sold in over 90 countries, wanted all of their project managers to follow the process laid down by the project management office (PMO). Ideally, they wanted their proposals to go through a series of meetings and approval cycles to review the schedule and cost before it can be accepted as a project. They also wanted to track the status of a project & resources at all times during the life cycle of any given project. This will help them proactively know any shortcoming and allow them to take corrective measures in a timely manner.


Project Partners was selected to develop a business process to work with Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM R8.2 using Oracle BPM The proposal approval process goes through a series of ADF forms invoked from P6 EPPM, capturing interactions between various groups of people in the organization. Then, the system sends a notification before the proposal gets approved as a project.

Project Partners also defined and designed reports to track the project during its lifecycle. Over 10 reports were developed using BI Publisher to accurately and timely report PMO's on various aspects of project data.


Herbalife now has the ability to:

  • Better manage the proposals before they are converted into Projects.
  • The approval process ensures that business processes are followed, no exceptions.
  • Better track projects with a series of BI reports that provide timely and accurate information.

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