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Experts in Oracle solutions implement Oracle Projects & Project Manufacturing, provides customizations for shipping, security, & comprehensive income.


This high technology provider was facing a few challenges:

  • Operations was managed in BAAN, which was obsolete and no longer provided support. Manufacturing planning, cost collection, revenue recognition, milestone billing, etc. were all handled asynchronously.
  • Revenue recognition pain points was based on percentage of completion (POC).
  • They also used foreign hedge accounting and funding methods.
  • Integration with Hyperion Products for Planning and Actuals at project level.
  • They had complex requirements for custom shipping execution processes.


Project Partners as selected to aid this high technology provider in identifying a solution that would address their core requirements for project centric planning, execution and completion. The combination Oracle Projects Suite in R 12.1.3 and Oracle Project Manufacturing were selected to be implemented.

Project Partners provided the following customizations to meet This high technology provider's business requirements:

  • Custom security for the PJT Collaborative update.
  • Custom solution for shipping execution.
  • Custom solution for Hedge Accounting for revenue and Other Comprehensive Income (OCI).
  • Integration of Projects Sub ledger with Hyperion Planning and Consolidation.
  • A custom process to back out of summary for inter project transfer and inserting detailed lines.
  • Role based security for collaborative progress and workplan updates were designed through. VPD and CRM roles.
  • A custom solution was implemented to integrate Cost and Planning forecast from PJM for material and labor with PJT.


  • A true project-centric model can be utilized across the organization
  • Project Manufacturing is now used to accumulate costs at the WBS level
  • Enabled cost transfer detail visibility from PJM

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