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Experts in aiding project-driven organizations implement billing extensions & enhancements in project accounting, provides real-time data across the organization.


This information technology provider, a company that maintains operations on every inhabited continent for information technology services, was using standard Oracle Projects functionality to develop multiple POs for a single project.

  • Twelve weeks to Go Live where one CRP and UAT was conducted.
  • Necessary enhancements needed to include the setup of performance monitors and KPI's, and defining thresholds for the business to allow the use of Oracle Projects data for reporting and identifying projects which are critical.


Project Partners implemented Billing Extensions (Multi PO) and Enhancements in Project Accounting during the 12 weeks engagement. Their expert implementations team also established bi-directional connection with Microsoft Project (MSP) to provide real-time updates and is fully integrated with workplan and financial plans.

Project Partners also helped this information technology provider's teams to fully understand the project management reporting tools and dashboards through detailed training.


  • Teams now have a better understanding of the concepts of Oracle Project Management
  • Project Managers now use Oracle Projects to update their project progress and updates to tasks and scheduling
  • Management is also able to access accurate reporting data by project

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