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The Metropolitan Atlanta Transit Authority's (MARTA) capital projects team was not prepared to support the expansion projects that would occur over the next 10 years, including 22 miles of light rail, 14 miles of bus rapid transit, and 26 miles of arterial rapid transit with over $800 million in funding. Manual processes including Excel, SharePoint, and hard copy document routing contributed to a lack of project performance visibility. Status reports and actionable information wasn't automatically available to make informed resource staffing, assignments, and budget redistribution decisions.

MARTA had already purchased Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM, Unifier, and Analytics in the Cloud:

  • P6 was being managed by internal staff who only some P6 experience.
  • Unifier was implemented by Oracle Consulting Services (OCS), including Project Integration Framework (PIF) to transfer 'Actuals' from E-Business Suite (EBS).
  • Analytics had not been deployed at all.


Project Partners was engaged initially in 2019 to develop custom BI Publisher reports and develop Analytics dashboards using the Unifier data. The work was performed through WDS in a contract to Atkins North America. The engagement with MARTA was extended to include enhancements and extensions to the Unifier business processes and Analytics dashboards, and to assist with PIF issues in production (was not running since OCS engagement end date).

In 2020, Project Partners contract with MARTA was extended again through the Centralized Project Management Office (CPMO) consulting team of Jacobs-Russell. Project Partners continued to expand the Unifier solution to include Project Initiation, Project Budgeting, and Contracts BPS as well as the development of project delivery BPs- RFIs, Submittals, Daily Reports, Meeting Minutes. Additionally, Project Partners developed and deployed a custom replacement solution for the MARTA IT team to synchronize their EBS actuals to Unifier on a daily basis.


  • Unifier and Analytics provided a single system of truth for project budgets, actuals, and contracts.
  • The successful deployment resulted in the purchase of 180 additional Unifier and Analytics licenses.
  • Managers, PMs, and the executive leadership team have instant access to critical data.
  • Increased visibility to project performance and projected costs.

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