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Experts in Oracle solutions improves existing Cloud PPM implementation to enable seamless access to project financial data for all project teams.


This transportation mobility provider, a global leader in smart mobility infrastructure management, had been using Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Applications since 2005. In 2018, the company deployed Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP to run business operations. The Cloud PPM module aided the finance and accounting user community but left operational and project managers to rely on excel spreadsheets, email approvals, and data extracts from Cloud ERP.


Project Partners' solution architects performed a two-week assessment of this transportation mobility provider's existing Oracle Cloud PPM implementation. After thorough consideration, a comprehensive solution design outline was developed to establish a seamless flow from opportunity (in custom CRM) to project close (in Cloud PPM). This transportation mobility provider was convinced of the proposed solution enhancements and modifications, and contracted Project Partners to implement the solution.


  • Sales representatives, project managers, and operation managers can easily access all data at the source
  • Workflow approvals for all major proposal, planning, and execution processes are automated
  • Management has full visibility into all aspects of operations and key projects

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