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Experts in EBS solutions implement UI-Apps & Oracle Project Planning & Control, reduces capital project criteria efforts by 90%.


Nutrien, the world's largest provider of crop inputs and services, implemented Oracle Project Costing with robust business processes to establish tighter controls for project funding and spending. However, all controls were manual, requiring extensive effort to maintain, track, and confirm criteria. These inefficiencies ultimately delayed project execution and led to inaccurate reporting data.


Project Partners worked with Nutrien to develop a comprehensive solution that ensures all requirements are met prior to next phase project approvals. Standard deliverable functionality was leveraged in Oracle Project Planning and Control to support the stage gating process workflow while UI-Apps was implemented to deliver an improved user experience for project managers.


  • The effort to maintain, track, confirm and approve all criteria is reduced by 90%
  • Improved reporting accuracy for overall project status and performance
  • Greatly minimized project execution delays

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