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Experts in EBS solutions implement UI-Apps & Oracle Project Planning & Control, reduces capital project criteria efforts by 90%.


Nutrien, the world's largest provider of crop inputs and services, implemented Oracle Project Costing for capital projects to address foundational issues in managing capital expenditure. Robust business processes were eventually developed to establish tighter controls for project funding and spending. However, all controls were manual and required extensive effort to maintain, track, and confirm criteria before any given capital project could move to the next phase of funding. This unfortunately led to delayed project execution and reporting inaccuracies relating to overall project status and performance.


Project Partners worked with Nutrien to develop a comprehensive solution that ensures all requirements are met prior to next phase project approvals (a practice commonly known as Stage-Gating). The overall solution was comprised of two main components:

  1. Standard deliverable functionality was leveraged in Oracle Project Planning and Control to support various gates, actions to complete those gates, and approval routing via a more accurate workflow.
  2. Project Partners' User Interface Applications™ (UI-Apps) solution was leveraged to deliver a better overall user experience that allows project managers to easily create and maintain projects as well as manage the overall Stage-Gate process.


  • The effort to maintain, track, confirm and approve all criteria is reduced by 90%.
  • All criteria efforts are effectively met before capital projects can move to the next phase.
  • Project approval cycle time for the next phase is reduced by 90%.
  • Reporting accuracy for overall project status and performance has vastly improved.
  • Project execution delays have been greatly minimized.

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