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Experts in Oracle implementations successfully deliver Oracle Cloud P6 EPPM, provides automated visibility into overall project progress & costs.


This rail industrial provider, a global provider serving multiple industries, needed better visibility to project performance and resource capacity planning. In addition, they needed a solution that would integration with the Infor LN ERP system to track planned vs actuals and deliver earned value information.


This rail industrial provider worked with Project Partners Consultants and Oracle Sales to review the efficacy of and, ultimately, selected Oracle Cloud Primavera P6 EPPM in tandem with Team Member and Timesheets applications. Upon the implementation of P6 EPPM, a custom integration solution was delivered to enable a transfer of data to and from Infor LN ERP and P6 Reporter.

In addition, Project Partners delivered several Power BI dashboards and a web service that connects with this company's Oracle Cloud P6 EPPM environment for near real-time reporting updates. BI Publisher reports was also developed to establish time reporting to other systems utilized across the organization.


Project Partners project team successfully delivered this rail industrial provider's Oracle Cloud P6 EPPM solution in June 2019 followed by the custom reporting and integration solutions. By the end of 2019, the project was moved to a support phase and the company continued to work with Project Partners under a Managed Services Agreement (MSA) to support the solution.

As a result of the Oracle Cloud P6 EPPM solution:

  • a newly formed Project Management Office (PMO) was created to provide better project process standardization and allow for better planning and visibility to project progress.
  • teams can track and manage their projects in a single location.
  • engineers can assign named resources to the projects.
  • the Replicon time reporting system was replaced by P6 Progress Reporter and Timesheets.

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