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Experts in process improvement enable project operations team to manage project financials with Oracle Cloud PPM to consolidate their tools into a single solution interface.


SAS Institute, an American multinational developer of analytics software, had been running Oracle Fusion Cloud PPM (Cloud PPM) for their US Operations. The EBS implementation was financials focused, so their operations team (project managers and others) were struggling with toggling multiple tools to manage their projects effectively in this environment.


Project Partners' solution architects performed an assessment of the existing implementation of Cloud PPM. Based on their findings, a comprehensive solution design was recommended that would enable their project operations to have a seamless flow from Opportunity (in custom CRM) to Project Close (in Cloud PPM). SAS was convinced of the remediation recommendations and contracted with Project Partners to implement the solution.


  • Management has full visibility into all aspects of operations and key projects
  • All project data is visible (including audits of all approvals)
  • Revenue recognition and reporting is simplified, using standard and custom OTBI reports for all users

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