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Experts in process improvement implement User Interface Applications™ (UI-Apps), streamlines project asset information & capital spending data.


Schreiber Foods, a global supplier of store-brand dairy products and largest supplier of process cheese products, was experiencing the following:

  • They had a lot of projects, but not enough project administrators to complete project creation and maintenance activities. Project managers are not Oracle super users and they needed quick access to project creation and project planning functions.
  • They needed a one-stop shop for data entry with minimal training required for casual users, like project managers.
  • They needed a mechanism to track capital project spending. Capital spending was being tracked via project budgets and they wanted the ability to utilize project forecasts for more accurate project planning.
  • Asset addition and asset assignment functions within their system needed to be more streamlined and available to project managers.


Schreiber chose Project Partners User Interface Application (UI-Apps) to provide their users with an easy-to-use Microsoft Excel interface for project creation, asset creation, assignment, and capital budgeting and forecasting:

  • The UI-Apps Project Setup, WBS maintenance, Assets, Time Phased Budgeting and Time Phased Forecasting worksheets were implemented to streamline data entry for their project managers.
  • The UI-Apps worksheets were configured to accommodate their descriptive flexfields and custom field requirements to optimize data entry for rapid project, asset, budget, and forecast creation and maintenance.


  • UI-Apps was rolled out to 50+ project managers which allows them to quickly create capital projects, including project asset additions and assignments and budget and forecast for their capital spending needs.
  • UI-Apps provided a more efficient interface to project asset information.
  • Key flexfield and descriptive flexfield information were added to the worksheets.
  • Using a single asset worksheet provided significant time and cost savings.
  • Project managers can now enter and maintain capital project information easier and more efficiently, providing Schreiber with timely and accurate project data.

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