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Experts implement Oracle Project Resource Management to improve resource management & tracking across the global enterprise.


This software provider was utilizing a manual process for managing its resources across their projects. They realized that they needed a solution for centralized and de-centralized geographical resource management while also gaining more visibility into tracking resource availability and utilization. They also needed to improve revenue forecasting by using the information provided via pipeline projects.


Project Partners was selected as the overall system integrator to implement Oracle Project Resource Management and integrate it with Oracle Time and Labor (OTL):

  • The unique solution provided centralized and de-centralized approaches to staffing.
  • A custom revenue forecasting reporting solution was developed.
  • Custom configurations were created to leverage job levels and resource competencies overall.
  • Application framework extensions were applied to support contingent worker searches.


  • Better positioned to manage this software provider's resources by matching supply with demand.
  • Eliminated time-consuming manual processes.
  • Enforced standard business processes across the globe.
  • Established greater visibility into resource availability, utilization, and consultant work history on projects.

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