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AECOM deploys Oracle Project Management, & automates the Projects/Contracts approach to save hours of work to process and manage their smaller projects.


About 65-70% of AECOM's projects were what they called Small Projects. These were typically land surveys requested by customers and could be anywhere from a few hours on a single day to less than five days in duration with a fixed cost to the customer of $1,500 to $10K.

Processing in Oracle ERP is very efficient for larger projects. However, the challenge with AECOM's Small Projects was that sometimes it took project managers much longer to set up the project and complete all the processing in Oracle ERP than it took to complete the project itself.


As the overall system integrator, Project Partners implemented Oracle Project Management and was tasked with solving the Small Project dilemma. Project Partners used the templatized Projects and Contracts approach that could be automatically set up using a custom data entry screen that accepted input of 10 fields of data and then made the project available for charging to the assigned team members.

When the team member notified the completion of work on the project, it kicked off the required processing to generate revenue and invoice the customer and set the project to pending close, pending payment, and final finance review.


  • Replaced 3 hours of work typically needed to setup a project to less than 20 minutes for small projects.
  • Replaced 4-8 hours of work needed to process billing and closeout activities for a project to 1 hour or less.

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