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User Interface Application Demo Videos 

  • +  Financial Planning Using User Interface Applications
  • This demonstration shows how easy it is when you use Project Partners User Interface Applications to manage your budgets and forecasts in Oracle E-Business Suite Projects Applications.

  • +  Hidden Gems - Attachments Made Easy
  • Oracle’s Attachment functionality is used to attach documents containing related information to projects on various entities. The attachment capability is provided for project, task, agreement, etc. and can be uploaded either directly to Oracle Forms, HTML, or simply by using UI-Apps. When used in conjunction with Project Partner’s Document Management Integration (DMI) product, attached documents can automatically be transferred to Microsoft-SharePoint, with the Oracle attachment being replaced with the URL pointing to the document, thereby making document management seamless and accessible to all types of employees.

  • +  Hidden Gems - Easily Add and Assign Assets
  • Capital Projects in Oracle E-Business Suite require asset information, asset details, and to be assigned to a project or task. Within Oracle E-Business Suite, this requires several screens and can be time consuming. With UI-Apps, all asset information can be captured in one easy to use Microsoft-Excel Worksheet. The Asset worksheet provides the ability to add one or more assets to a project, add all asset details including flexfield information on one line and easily assign assets at the project level, task or subtask level.

  • +  Hidden Gems - Easily Create Work Breakdown Structures
  • Creating a work breakdown structure can be simplified using one simple worksheet. With UI-Apps WBS Maintenance, you can see all workplan tasks with Gantt display, choose the order in which you want to display tasks, easily add new tasks, adjust durations, dates, and manipulate schedule information. Additionally, you can manage project structures easily including the ability for projects with partially shared structures to see both financial and workplan tasks in one display and for projects with separate, mapped structures, to select a financial task to map directly against a workplan task making overall WBS Maintenance simple and easy.

  • +  Hidden Gems - Easily Define Transaction Controls
  • In one easy to use worksheet, define all your project transaction controls. Determine which projects or which tasks are billable or non-billable, capitalizable or non-capitalizable and configure your projects and tasks to allow only the charges that you expect or plan. Catch erroneous charges before they happen by controlling your transactions - UI-Apps makes this easy by allowing you to define your transaction controls all in one place.

  • +  Hidden Gems - Easy Budget Creation
  • Does entering a project budget seem time consuming and labor intensive? Learn how to quickly and easily see all your financial tasks, enter new tasks and or resources, quickly add amounts and view all of your budget data in one simple easy-to-use worksheet. The UI-Apps Task and Budget worksheet is the solution of choice for project managers to manage project budgets.

  • +  Hidden Gems - Easy Forecast Creation
  • The most accurate forecasts can be created when the project manager sees project budget amounts, actuals to-date, committed amounts, and can add estimate-to-complete amounts for each task/resource. It is also necessary to be able to add new tasks and resources as projects mature and most importantly, access to up-to-date actuals and commitments is important for accurate forecasts. See how the UI-Apps Forecasting worksheet can provide all of this and more with one Microsoft-Excel Worksheet.

  • +  Hidden Gems - Introduction: What is UI Apps?
  • Project Partners’ UI-Apps not only provide a focused and user friendly interface to Oracle’s EBS Projects Suite, but also adds additional features that leverage Oracle’s rich functionality. Some of these are described in this Hidden Gems Series.

  • +  Hidden Gems - Key Metrics Made Easy
  • Viewing Key Metrics is simple and easy using UI-Apps PM Reporting. Project Managers can easily see all project summary information in one sheet including Reporting Periods, Project Summary Information, Schedule Dates, Key Performance Indicators, Billing and Payment Information, and Cost and Revenue Amounts making project information easily available to your project stakeholders.

  • +  Hidden Gems - Making Descriptive Flexfields Easy
  • Descriptive Flexfields are used to add custom/additional information to projects on various entities. Descriptive flexfields can add this pertinent information at the project, task, or financial plans, etc. for all users to see. Once defined in Oracle, they can easily be accessed from UI-Apps in read and/or write mode for easy update and viewing. Having such useful information at your fingertips is essential and is easily built into several UI-Apps worksheets.

  • +  Hidden Gems - Manage Customers, Agreements and Project Funding
  • In Oracle E-Business Suite, contract projects require project customer(s), agreement(s), and funding from the agreement(s). UI-Apps makes this process simple and easy by providing you one worksheet that does it all. In one simple worksheet, you can associate one or more customers with a project, define bill-to/ship-to contacts for project customers, create new agreements or associate existing agreements and fund the project from the one or more agreements at the project or task level making contract project maintenance simple and easy.

  • +  Hidden Gems - Manage Project and Task Progress
  • Project and task progress is comprised of percent completion and forecast start and end dates. Project managers need the ability to see the entire WBS and existing progress values as well as a visual view of progress against Gantt. UI-Apps Task Progress provides one worksheet to review current values, update percent complete and forecast task dates and review progress updates in a Gantt Chart view making project management much simpler and easier.

  • +  Hidden Gems - Online Invoice Review and Approval
  • For most companies, draft invoices are generated in Project Billing by project accountants and require a project manager approval for all invoices prior to sending the customer. With one simple worksheet, UI-Apps provides project managers with a solution to view and approve project invoices in a pro-forma format along with the ability to update invoice line descriptions and invoice comments.

  • +  Hidden Gems - Scheduling Made Simple
  • Oracle Projects' workplan functionality supports various schedule features, and UI apps leverage these to very quickly perform simple forward-based scheduling of tasks in one worksheet. You can easily build your schedule, adjust dates/durations - and instantly display your results in a Gantt Chart on the same sheet.

  • +  Hidden Gems - Separate Burden Components Made Easy
  • Users who capture burden costs using separate line burdening can now budget the same way. You can set up the burden components you need to budget by, and UI-Apps automatically adds burden amounts by the burden component as you plan for raw costs.

  • +  Hidden Gems - Update Workplans and Financial Plans Simultaneously
  • Oracle EBS Projects allows for flexibility in creating workplan tasks and financial plan tasks. Project structures may be fully shared, partially shared, separate but mapped, or non-shared. In Oracle, structures must be updated separately and require navigating to multiple pages. With one UI-Apps worksheet, fully shared structures may be created/updated simultaneously. You can easily add new tasks, adjust durations and dates, quickly add resources, and easily add amounts with automatic spread to time-phased periods keeping all your information in synch and much easier to input.

  • +  Hidden Gems - Using Time-Phased Spread Methods for Forecasts
  • Oracle’s financial plans support time-phased planning for forecasts, and now while using UI-Apps, you can instantly spread amounts across time periods evenly or according to any custom spread curve needed.

  • +  Hidden Gems - Using Time-Phased Spread Methods with Budgets
  • Oracle’s financial plans support time-phased planning for budgets, and now while using UI-Apps, you can instantly spread amounts across time periods evenly or according to any custom spread curve needed.

  • +  Project Execution
  • This demonstration shows how easy it is when you use Project Partners User Interface Applications to manage Task Progress Updates and to review project invoices in Oracle E-Business Suite Projects Applications.

  • +  Project Manager Reporting.
  • This demonstration shows how one Microsoft Excel workbook and eight worksheets provide an easy interface into Oracle E-Business Suite Projects Applications. Using Project Partners User Interface Applications as your front end to Oracle Applications reduces the time Project Managers need to spend using software, enabling them to focus on executing their projects and programs

  • +  Setup and Maintenance
  • This demonstration shows how easy it us to set up and maintain projects in Oracle E-Business Suite Projects Applications by using Project Partners User Interface Applications, a Microsoft Excel based interface to Oracle.

  • +  UI-Apps Overview
  • This presentation provides an overview of Project Partners User Interface Applications and shows how they speed up and simplify the use of Oracle E-Business Suite Applications.

  • +  User Interface Applications (UI-Apps) Demo Video Series
  • No description available

User Interface Application Webinars 

  • +  Be a Hero: Maximize the ROI of Oracle EBS Applications and Ensure Rapid Adoption
  • Your firm knows that using Oracle E-Business Suite Projects will help increase profitability and ensure that project objectives are met. But your project managers and administrators already have day jobs, they don’t have extra time to learn new software or hours every day to use project management programs. How can you help your firm meet its business goals and maximize the return on its investment? You can have your project managers and administrators trained on Oracle EBS Projects in 82% less time and spending 40% less time on a daily basis, using a familiar Microsoft® Excel front-end, ensuring rapid end-user adoption, and putting your company on the fast track to the many benefits provided by Oracle. See how our User Interface Applications free up your firm’s employees to make more strategic contributions and achieve business objectives.

  • +  Construction Contract Billing Makes Compliance Simple
  • This webinar features a case study showing how Project Partners Construction Contract Billing makes it easy to invoice your customers in AIA formats.

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