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Multi-funded Contingent Worker Features in Release 12.1.x

By Ravi Shankar, PgMP, PMP, PMI-RMP and PMI-SP

The functionalities relating to Contingent Workers (CWK) have been enhanced in Oracle E-Business Suite Applications R 12.1 and above. Prior to this release, there were limitations in effectively using CWK across multiple projects, if their PO does not reference these individual projects in its Distribution. Further, multiple concurrent associations of different Purchase Orders (with different rates, if applicable) and different projects referenced in its Distribution were not supported.

With the enhancement in R 12.1, CWK’s primary HR assignment can be associated with multiple concurrent POs. This association is done through a new URL associated with the HR assignment through a function call, and not in the Form. Further, a new Flag called “Contingent Worker Enabled” is introduced in the Project type so that for each Operating Unit a project could be created using this project type and referencing that project in the PO Distribution of the CWK. This ensures that when the CWK selects the PO that is associated with his HR assignment, OTL will allow the selection of any chargeable project. Also, by selecting any other associated PO, CWK can charge the applicable project(s) referenced in its Distribution. This way, standard rates for all projects through a specific PO and unique rates for specific projects through specific PO could be used and OTL validation is facilitated.

While these functionalities are standard in R 12.1, they don’t quite work this way yet. Multiple POs can be associated. However, the process of selecting and validating the PO and the projects in OTL still has issues.

Oracle Development released a patch 12411973 to fix the issues and it still doesn’t work.

These features are very eagerly awaited by many customers. Stay tuned to hear the update on this.

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