How to Navigate the Cloud: Update Release Management 

Thu 16 Nov 2023 posted by Project Partners
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Keeping your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system up to date is crucial for staying competitive and efficient. Naturally, update release management for Oracle Cloud ERP is essential. Why? Because it ensures your business remains at the forefront of innovation while taking full advantage of the latest features and improvements. Let’s explore:

  1. the importance of staying updated with the latest Oracle Cloud ERP releases.
  2. how new releases directly impact project-centric organizations.

The Oracle Cloud ERP Advantage 

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP is renowned for its robust, cloud-based solutions, empowering businesses to streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and drive growth. Furthermore, its applications suite offers comprehensive solutions for Finance, Procurement, Project Management, Human Capital Management, and others. For businesses running Oracle Cloud ERP, it’s clearly a core component of your business’s digital infrastructure. Keeping these critical systems current is essential.  

 The Advantages of Oracle Cloud ERP Updates 

  1. Innovate and Stay Competitive: Oracle Cloud ERP updates introduce new features, enhancing efficiency and competitiveness. Staying updated gives you an edge over competitors and helps capture new markets. 
  2. Security and Compliance: Updates include security enhancements and data safety. Compliance standards are more effortlessly met, avoiding fines and reputational damage. 
  3. Enhanced Performance and Cost Efficiency: Updates optimize performance, speeding up processes and improving productivity. Efficiency gains lead to cost savings through reduced manual work and automation. 
  4. Bug Fixes and Stability: Updates address issues, enhancing system stability and minimizing disruptions to business operations. 
  5. Adaptability and Scalability: Updated ERP systems adapt to changing needs and scale seamlessly with business growth and evolving market conditions. 
  6. Improved User Experience: Updates provide better interfaces and performance, enhancing employee satisfaction and productivity. 
  7. Boost Customer Satisfaction: An agile and efficient business translates to higher customer satisfaction, fostering stronger relationships and loyalty. 
  8. Control Functionality Adoption: You can control which features you want to adopt as part of the Quarterly Release program. Most features are delivered with specific instructions directing users on how to implement POST updates. So, this leaves you in control. 

What You Need To Consider

Ensure you have the proper people, processes, and procedures to conduct the necessary regression testing effectively. Additionally, your team must confirm that the patch does not impact your current solution. Equally important, there are typically only seven days between deploying the patch to a non-production instance and deploying it to a production instance. With the time allocated to deploy, it is critical to implement this methodology.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to regularly assess the impact of updates and plan a well-managed update strategy to minimize disruptions while keeping the system secure, compliant, and optimized for your organization’s needs. Should you choose not to regularly update your Oracle Cloud ERP, you might experience:

  1. Security Vulnerabilities
  2. Compliance Issues
  3. Compatibility Challenges
  4. Limited Support
  5. Increased Technical Debt for future upgrades
  6. Reduced Performance and Stability
  7. Missed Bug Fixes
  8. Static User Experience Improvement Metrics
  9. Inability to Leverage Cloud Advancements
  10. And more.

What Should You Do?

How you manage the Quarterly Releases for Oracle Cloud ERP is a strategic decision that directly impacts your business and customers. Staying up-to-date ensures you can adapt to the ever-changing business landscape. Additionally, it will help improve your operations, enhance security, and ultimately deliver better customer value. At Project Partners, we are seasoned experts in maintaining, integrating, upgrading, and improving our clients’ Oracle Cloud ERP unique business landscapes.

Learn more about how Project Partners can help maintain your project systems. – speak to one of our experts and embrace the power of Oracle Cloud ERP updates to propel your business to new heights.

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