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AECOM, a global provider of technical and management services to global markets, had no automatic mechanism for gathering consistent project forecasts, project status, or overall project reporting metrics across their acquisitions. To make operations consistent, AECOM needed to decentralize their project maintenance functions, capture all data, and ultimately provide a single Project Management (PM) methodology around its core Project Delivery System (PDS). This solution would need to be easily deployed, scaled, and provide optimum usability across the enterprise while ensuring that no data was lost in translation via email or any other data channels.


Project Partners was selected as the overall system integrator to implement Oracle Project Management as the single PM system. The Project Partners UI-Apps was delivered and leveraged to provide an easy-to-use interface that 99% of their users were already comfortable using. The UI-Apps suite implementation included Project Setup, Project Planning, Project Execution, and Project Manager Reporting, providing AECOM an MS-Excel-based front to Oracle. Additional worksheet customizations included Project Close-Out, Billing Workbench and an Estimating tool for various divisions within the organization. In 2016, Salesforce and FinancialForce were implemented for a portion of the AECOM enterprise.

This created a need to integrate those projects into Oracle Projects. With UI-Apps framework, Project Partners developed a real-time import of project data from Salesforce and FinancialForce to Oracle Projects.


  • Replaced over 50 third-party homegrown systems around the world, providing cost savings $30-40 million.
  • Project information, such as forecasts and project status, are provided within hours of close vs weeks.
  • 20,000 project managers worldwide use one, simple, consolidated user interface while online and offline.
  • One single instance of Oracle provides one single point of reporting.
  • UI-Apps and Oracle Project Management provide specific features for different geographies.
  • Zero training needed upon implementation .
  • AECOM now leverages opportunities logged in Salesforce and FinancialForce, while still profiting from the strength of Oracle Projects its integration with the Oracle Suite.

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