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Experts in process improvement develop a custom invoice formatting system with extensions, solving billing discrepancies & requirements.


CDM Smith, an engineering & construction company that provides solutions in transportation and others, was looking to deploy Oracle Project Management. With their current solution environment, CDM had an issue with currency rounding due to individual invoice amounts being summed up into invoice lines - creating discrepancies between total line amounts, total quantity summed, and rates used for the grouped EIs.


Project Partners was selected to help the CDM staff create complex invoicing formats that is automatically populated for the biller. In addition, post invoicing, billing, and labor billing extensions were implemented to help aid CDM's complex billing systems.


  • Solved the billing discrepancies and custom billing requirements
  • Three invoice formats were delivered, and extensive training was provided
  • Custom invoice formats are being used across the company, solving specific invoicing needs of the different operational units.

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