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Simple and Accurate Time Entry in Oracle ERP Cloud

Project Time Entry and Reporting Using Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud

Do your consultants struggle to know which project, task, and type of time to enter?

Do your Project Managers often state their data is inaccurate and not reliable?

Do your Project Managers, Finance, and Billing teams expend wasted overhead administration adjusting data errors?

This video shows you how these issues can be mitigated.

  1. Simplifies and minimizes guesswork for time entry users
  2. Avoids wasted cycles and reduce overhead to adjust mis-classed time and expense
  3. Ensures reliable project KPI’s – project margin, overruns, non-billable costs

Empowering all key roles within your organization to utilize basic time controls and approvals within projects.

Project Partners’ Oracle ERP Cloud Video Series – highlighting how Oracle ERP Cloud and Project Partners’ Services Resource Planning™ provides your business with the visibility, controls, and tools to attain greater operational and financial performance.

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