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Project Budgeting in Oracle ERP Cloud

Managing Project Budgets Using Oracle Project Financials Cloud

Do you get frustrated with not having a central view to the revenue and margin of sold projects?
Do you find your Project Managers and financial reporting teams manually tracking budgets with spreadsheets?

Oracle Cloud Project Financials empowers Project Managers, Finance, and Management with visibility and controls to easily manage contract profitability and project budgeting.

Managing Project Budgets in Oracle Financials provides insight to:

  • Portfolio planned profitability
  • Sold bill rates and margin by project role
  • Planned resources
  • Actual and forecast revenue, cost, and margin performance

Watch our video to learn more:

As an integral component for any professional services organization, we will walk through the basic structure of Project Budgeting and how it can be easily used to baseline the financial revenues, cost, and margin associated with a client project. As part of Project Financial Management, it serves as the benchmark for Key Performance Indicators such as project margin percentage, financial overruns, and non-billable cost percentage.

Project Partners’ Oracle ERP Cloud Video Series – highlighting how Oracle Cloud and Project Partners’ Services Resource Planning (SRP) solution provides your business with the visibility, controls, and tools to attain greater operational and financial performance.

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